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Streaming service before the end-EU

There will soon be less to choose from for customers. The reason for this is a court ruling that prohibits the service.

Dortmund-If you want to use the complete offer, you now have many streaming services to choose from. In the spring of 2023, however, one of them has to hire its offer-the reason is a judgment of the European Court of Justice.

Telekom has to end streaming service: March 2023 is the end of stream on

Deutsche Telekom has been offering its own contract customers for a few years with the service Stream On a flat rate for music, video and gaming, so nothing more than a streaming service. The service is available monthly in addition to the respective data volume, such as a mobile phone contract.

This principle is also referred to as zero rating because no data volume is used up. But that is exactly what the courts and the Federal Network Agency decided. The end for stream on in the form in which it currently exists is imminent. But there should also be changes at Netflix-the streaming service has announced advertising despite the subscription paid.

Streaming service of Telekom must hire service according to the court ruling

As early as April 2022, the Federal Network Agency banned the marketing of Zero rating, as reported, among other things, inside Digital. The offers would violate network neutrality because they would not treat data traffic equally. However, this assessment does not come from the authority itself, but from the European Court of Justice.

This judgment was made on September 2, 2021 and, in addition to Stream On from Telekom, also affects the Vodafone Pass. In the meantime, two cell phone manufacturers in Germany also have to deal with a ban.

Simplified, the Court prohibits that tariffs are treated unevenly. In the case of the zero rating offers, there is an unequal treatment because stream on can be used indefinitely and is not counted towards the data volume of the mobile phone contract-in contrast to the competition such as Spotify, Netflix or Tidal.

Customers of Stream On: As long as the streaming service can be used

Anyone who still uses the streaming service still has time to look around for alternatives. Telekom only has to finally stop stream on at the end of March 2023. It is currently still unclear whether there could be compensation for existing customers-for example more data volume (more news about digital at Federal Network).

According to Telekom, the mobile phone contract itself should not be influenced by the ban and remains for all customers-only without stream on. The termination conditions should also remain. In the long term, however, the Federal Network Agency promises that customers are offered contracts with more data volume.

Rubric list picture: © Wedel/Kirchner-Media/Imago

Nintendo faces new labor complaint

In recent months they have not been simple for Nintendo, because before some work complaints that involve somewhat unfair schedules as well as overtime not consented by the employees of America. Now a problem has joined the list, since a couple of days ago a new one of these complaints against the Japanese company emerged.

The complaint was filed on August 7 against Nintendo and Aston Carter as joint employers. Accusations include concerted activities (reprisals, dismissal, discipline) and coercive rules. Both rules belong to section 7 and section 8 (a) (1) of the National Labor Relations Law, points that have almost not been recognized.

The first part guarantees the right of users to unionize or self-organize for mutual help and protection. The second establishes that it is illegal for companies to interfere, restrict or coercion to employees so that they do not exercise these rights. So employees have the right to create their unions, although it is not ideal.


Four sources familiar with the incident mention that it was derived from a hired employee who asked the unions in a meeting and was then fired by a limit violation of his NDA. Nintendo said in a statement that there were no attempts for union or related activity and that the employee had been fired for revealing confidential information only.

For now ni Nintendo and neither Aston Carter They have spoken about it. With this complaint, it would be the second labor demand that accumulates since last April.

1. FC Köln vs. FC Schalke: Bülter after bankruptcy in between disappointment and euphoria

This defeat should not take the euphoria and expectancy for the upcoming house video game versus Borussia Mönchengladbach. The followers are behind us, that was also seen after the last whistle in Fragrance. That is a solid indication that we need to take with us, said that, said The 29-year-old, that disputed his second period in Gelsenkirchen, on the club’s homepage of FC Schalke.

Marius Bülter had actually scored his initial Bundesliga goal for practically two years against 1. Bülter is still positive concerning the upcoming tasks of the group in the upper home.

The truth that Bülter had actually racked up a goal in the initial Bundesliga game of the Königsblauen considering that the reoccurrence was of program a bit. Yet at the exact same time he restricted: I can’t buy anything for that. The stress predominates over the loss.

Bülter said that the performance of his team was tuned combative, who had actually only been substituted in the 58th min at 0: 1 and also scored his objective 18 minutes later.

FC Schalke 04 has Gladbach on Saturday

The truth that Bülter had racked up a goal in the very first Bundesliga game of the Königsblauen because the reoccurrence was of training course a little bit.

Marius Bülter had actually scored his very first Bundesliga objective for almost 2 years versus 1. Bülter is still positive concerning the upcoming jobs of the group in the upper house.

Nonetheless, there is no point in the afternoon to go over the decisions of the referee. We now have to tick off the game as swiftly as feasible and also look in advance as swiftly as possible, said Bülter concerning the controversial termination in the very first round.

The initial Schalke home game versus Gladbach will be turning up following Saturday. The challenger of the Lower Rhine had actually celebrated a renowned 3-1 opening success versus TSG 1899 Hoffenheim.

After the red card against ex-Kölner Dominick Drexler, it was hard to make sure definitive switching moments and also relief strikes.

Hiroshi Otake, dubbing actor at Hunter X Hunter dies

One of the anime series that has been enjoyed most in the world is that of Hunter X Hunter, specifically in its remake version of 2011 , and this is due to its great iconic characters with its dubbing actors. And precisely, today is a sad day for this industry in Japan , since it was announced that Hiroshi Otake , has died at 90 years of age.

The character that Otake interpreted in the work was Zeno Zoldyck , this is the grandfather of one of the protagonists, Killua Zoldyck , taking a little more importance during the arc of the Chimera ants. The producer who worked with him, 81 produces , was the one that gave the notification regarding the death of the actor, stating that the cause was acute heart failure.

Here the text that the company shared to the public:

Our actor Hiroshi Otake died on August 1, 2022 due to acute heart failure at the age of 90. In addition, with respect to the funeral ceremony, it was completed without delay only by relatives on August 8. We would like to ask for him. We would like to express the most sincere thanks for his kindness during his life.


Otake in 2015 was honored in the ninth annual edition of the prizes Seiyuu with an achievement for life for his work in the middle of the anime. The actor took a short break from the world of anime in 1991 , although he would return shortly after in 1995 to help give life to some of him’s most important papers.

God of War Ragnarök: Computer animation Director promises new indicator

Tons content

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Bruno Velazquez is presently working as a computer animation director at Santa Monica Studio on God of War: Ragnarök. He was entirely flattered that the manufacturers were motivated by a particular guard relocation .

Always unlock Twitter tweets

It was currently known in breakthrough that Target consists of two elements from God of War. This was revealed by the director named Dan Trachtenberg in June ComicBook . In addition to the detailed move with the indicator, the method in which lead character Naru swings her ax is based upon Sony’s action experience.

developer goes right into a follower concern

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Regardless, a follower after that asked the programmer a kidding question. He needed to know whether Kratos can carry out with his guard sign in the successor Relocations from Target.

The animation Director briefly entered into this: Well, not specifically, yet in this game you can do a great deal of brand-new things with the sign (he)..

Further records on God of War: Ragnarök: .

Further records on God of War: Ragnarok.

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| Playstation Taiwan celebrates the appointment with an outstanding sand sculpture .| Mocap actor for Kratos encouraged with ax as well as rubber arm .| Microsoft’s Phil Spencer can clearly rarely wait **.

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Last month, those liable discussed a a great deal of new abilities for Kratos and ATREUS on the official product web page of the game . This includes numerous options with the protective shield, which will certainly play an even higher duty.

Bruno Velazquez is presently working as an animation supervisor at Santa Monica Studio on God of War: Ragnarök. On Saturday he enjoyed the newest scientific research fiction film Prey, which sees himself as an innovator of the Predator collection. He was absolutely flattered that the manufacturers were influenced by a particular shield move . It was already understood in advance that Victim contains two aspects from God of War. This was introduced by the director named Dan Trachtenberg in June ComicBook .

The Playstation gamers have to hold your horses until November 9th. After That Kratos and ATREUS ‘Finale Adventure for PS5 as well as PS4 show up.

Besides that, a entirely new video game auto mechanics can be expected to make sure a surprise. This was suggested by the sound designer Beau Anthony Jimenez in April.

The best cats in the history of video games: Here we leave our top 5 of mininos

We could have started this top with Catwoman but the poor heroine of the comic received an adaptation of such mediocre video game that does not better talk about it. On the occasion of the celebration of the International Cat Day , we invite you to resume some cats that have greatly contributed to the good reputation of this feline race in the world of video games.

Also keep in mind that some publishers currently offer promotions in titles such as Cat Quest (Nintendo Switch) or Kitario Fables , an adorable role-playing game mixed with farm simulation.


Impossible not to talk about this summer’s cult game. Stray was highly anticipated and, despite his short duration, he will have surprised many with his crazy charm and his effective gameplay.

Putting into the skin of a cat is a very original idea that works perfectly and Annapurna Interactive developers have understood it very well. A game above all contemplative, Stray will allow you to live as a feline for 5 or 6 hours.

Meowth and its regional forms

Not only is the most popular Pokémon cat thanks to the anime, but it also has the merit of having several other ways depending on the region where it lives. Thus, the license video games introduced a Alola Meowth and a Galar Meowth. Although the latter does not have a HISUI form, we can expect that he receives a regional shape of Paldea in scarlet and purple Pokémon!

And what about its majestic evolution, Persian? Even the hardest guide of Team Rocket, Giovanni, cannot be separated from his favorite cat.

Bubsy, Klonoa, Blinx: Heroes of yesteryear

If Bubsy really is more a Lince , Klonoa a kind of cat-conejo, we gladly put them next to Blinx: three franchises whose first titles were launched respectively in 1993, 1997 and 2002.

This does not make us younger, but Bubsy and Klono have recently benefited from remake of its original games, so that the new generation can know them.

Cait Sith

A playable character in Final Fantasy 7 (and therefore also in the new version), is a cat that mounts a giant teddy moogle remote giant by Reeve Tuesh (a Shinra member).

He worked as a fortune teller in Golden Saucer before joining the Cloud Stife group for initially mysterious reasons. With his megaphone that allows him to give orders to his great stuffed animal, Cait Sith is essential in the game.

Cats in Animal Crossing

The adorable feline inhabitants that it is possible to bring to their island of Animal Crossing New Horizons could not be missing. And although some of them are a little scary, we must admit that everyone has beautiful faces. How not to fall in love with Rufino, Minina or Ankha?

Bonus: Mario Cat and Yuumi

This is probably the best costume that Mario can use! A power first introduced in Super Mario 3D World in Wii U, allows the entire Mario Camarilla to become an adorable spongy cat. Thanks to this new form, the mustyudo plumber can climb walls, scratch enemies and even float a few moments in the air.

Let’s finish this top with the adorable Yuumi in League of Legends. Of appearance too nice, she is probably the most hated Moba today.

If we forget one of your favorite video game cats, do not hesitate to tell us in the comments!

How to get a diatrimon in Digimon Survive

Diarimon is an old bird type Digimon. This is a very aggressive creature. It may look weak, but this creature has very powerful legs. Its wings are not so strong as to fly, but its legs are so strong that a diatrimon can run at a speed of 200 km/h. Fruiting a bird, which is always so energetic that it scares its opponents. In this leadership, we will explain how to find and make friends with a diatrimon for your group in Digimon Survive.

how to recruit and make friends with diatrimon

DiatryMon is one of the best early Digimons that can be recruited in Digimon Survive thanks to the proposed digilations. Thus, you do not want to miss the opportunity to make friends with it.

You can make friends with a diatrimone only after passing the 4th part of the main plot. This old bird will appear in the free combat zone of the entertainment park. In this area you can also find many other digimons, but if you are specifically looking for Birdramon, then Diatrymon is your best choice.

Diarimon is a slightly narcissistic bird that is proud of its huge abilities. So he likes people who share the same thinking and recognize the power of the diatrimon. Just keep in mind that every time you raise her opinion, recognizing everything that this old bird says.

There is a scale above the creature, which is filled as you answer his questions. Each question fills the strip in different ways. So you need to fill it out at least 50%so that the creature can make friends with you. The larger the strip is filled, the higher the chance to make friends with this creature. The same is with a diatrimon.

The best answers

The diatrimon will ask you a few questions (which are given below), and you will have to answer them. You will have four options, among which you will need to choose 1. If you choose the right option, the strip will be filled to a greater extent, which will allow you to recruit a diatrimon and make friends with it in Digimon Survive.

Q1. I do not want to do anything but funny things! Are you right too?

A: Even more than you

Q2. This is my lawn, leave a little food and get out of here!

A: I will think about it

** Q3. Arrgh! Mutaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


A: ‘[Let it Simmer Down.]’

Question: 4 Did you know? It is best to take a nap after filling your face!

A: Thank you for the lesson.

Q5. I will crush you! Guahahahaha!

A: Scary, but I will win.

q6: Urrgh, expectation drives me crazy!

A: I know what you mean.

Q7. Are you not fragile in appearance? Do you eat enough meat?

A: I eat everything!

As soon as you answer all questions correctly and your level of success is high, you can finally make friends with the diatrimon and take it with you to your future adventures.

Com2us enters the worlds new baseball game OOTP High 23

[OOTP High Moon Young-soo] Com2uS (CEO Jae-Joon Song, Joo Hwan Lee) is a subsidiary ‘Out of the Park Developments (OOTP) Go 23’ It announced on the 8th that it has been launched in the global market.

OOTP Baseball is a PC online baseball management game for the 23rd season of the series this year. It features a real game that seems to run a real club.

The newly introduced OOTP High 23 is a mobile version of OOTP baseball. In addition to team management functions that oversees strategic tactics and club finances, we have added convenience to mobile so that we can check the world’s baseball data more easily.

In addition, you can experience the popular content ‘Franchise Mode’ by providing three free rosters of all MLB leagues. The user can play the game by selecting the season that suits his taste through the play experience of the content.

Competition content ‘Perfect Team’ has also been newly implemented. The new Perfect Team 23 allows users to collect their MLB player cards to build their own best lineups and compete with tens of thousands of users around the world.

The players have been newly implemented through 3D animation and upgraded the graphic engine to create a more real simulation.

Mysterious (Netflix): Bridging the Rift: First episode of the view behind the scenery readily available from now

The French animation workshop fortiche responsible for Arcane has actually formerly proven with video manufacturings such as Pop/Stars from K/DA or Warriors and also Enemy from Think of Dragons just how stunning and flexible the cosmos around the MOBA, which was currently released in 2009, can be utilized.

Interested events can eagerly anticipate five episodes that show up cost free on the League of Legends YouTube Canal from August 4th to September 1st at 5 p.m. A second period of Arcane has already been announced, but better details have actually not yet been released.

A collection start anything but Jinxed!

The animated blend made of attracted 2D and also Modeled 3D components tells The unquestionable and active starts of iconic champions such as Jinx, VI, Caitlyn, Jayce and Viktor in between Piltver and also Zaun Inmittel each time of agitation. With it, Riot Games is The jump from the residential PC screens on the television extra than just succeeded. For instance, the collection, which was granted nine Annie Honors, kept the place with the most viewers on the iconic streaming platform for three weeks as well as reached the leading 10 in 52 nations, which is why their beginning can possibly be referred to as anything but jinxed.

After the overblown begin of the Arcane series published on Netflix last autumn, the Riot Games developer studio now gives an understanding behind the scenes of the animated narrative from the League of Legends Universum with the internal YouTube documentary series Arcane: Bridging the Rift. You can already look at the very first episode of the five-part collection.

Crash Bandicoot Colored Gems 4: Where to find them and how to get them

Colored gems are collectible that are hidden in the worlds of Crash Bandicoot 4: it’s about time. They are a total of four (red, green, blue and yellow) and you need to get them to access the trophy/achievement that belongs to it and to get all the hidden gems. You need all colored gems to open the hidden gem door of the toxic tunnel level Isla Cortex, year 1996.

Red Gema

It is located at the level Summit N. Sanity of the world Isla N. Sanity, news. To obtain it you have to step on the platforms in the opposite direction of the clock needles, by stepping on the last platform (central) the red gem will appear in front of you.

The pictures with image numbers represent the stage paintings. Jump on them in the order that marks you to do it correctly. In principle, there is no time to do it, but neither does it take too long.

Green Gem

It is at the level Pisa the Accelerator of the world Dangerous Planicies, year 2084. In the rest of the enemy’s persecution, it hits the garbage cube to make control of the right appear, then hits the control so that it comes out A playful of the garbage cubes on the right (the one who is burning) and continues to hit to move. Break the green nitro box before it arrives to get the green gem.

Blue Gema

It is at the elongated level of the world cataracts of tranquility, year 1402. Complete the entire level without breaking a single box, not even checkpoint boxes. If you do well, you find the blue gem at the end of the level. It has no loss. Luck!

Yellow Gema

It is located at the river level of the Ciénaga World Cénzalo, a few days ago. It is located at the beginning of the level. Go to the right to the platform you see and jump on the boxes on the left to reach the gem.

Once you have obtained them all, go to the level toxic tunnel in the world Isla Cortex, year 1996 to get access to the door that open the colored gems and keep the hidden gem of the level.


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