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13 years GBA Adventure New Year Good Dog Dog Star fundraising standard will push the old wind solid card

Nintendo Classic pallet GBA Boy Advance violates the first new work in 13 years! Independent horizontal reel GBA good dog dog star (Goodboy Galaxy) is about to board nintendo switch , pc and GBA handset, raising the first day of the Kickstarter platform Reach the standard.

Since 2010, it has been difficult to cast a passion for GBA, Sald Legend : Magic Hat, Marie Out Car Advance and other GBAs due to GBA simulation Save it.

It is not enough to save it, and the fans gradually prevalent, and some people put two and a half hours Tianneng movie to the card last March, and the independent development of the classic ROM GBA is not a small number. .

This Good Dog Dog Star is developed by the Rik Nicol and Jeremy Clarke who loves GBA dynamic GBAs, and the main platform of the dog is the protagonist. Mounting_kickstarter_ The first day, breaking through the target of $ 24,777, and the current amount has exceeded $ 88,000.

According to the team’s statement, this GBAplay is similar to the Galaxy Warrior / Mitrud or cave, and the overall style is more cute. The story tells a space dog named Maxewell to launch a universe exploration task, and connect new friends in the journey to prevent hometowns from being destroyed.

This plan seems to have not yet been recognized by Nintendo, and the team still resolutely intended to introduce the GBA entity card and the outer box. While satisfying nostalgia, you will also log in to Nintendo Switch and steam , allowing other preferences to play. In the future, it will join the fundraising task, color comics, enhanced version, and GBA version of the alone chapter. The amount of fundraising exceeded 100,000 US dollars, and even publicly opened the original code and teaching.

Good Dog Dog Star is expected to launch GBA and Steam versions in December 2022, and Nintendo Switch is scheduled to launch in March 2023, support Chinese, English, Japanese, Spanish, French. At present, there is ITCH.IO to provide demo demo (click here), interested readers can first grab the incense.

Star Citizen How To Avoid Common Bugs

Reference Original: Screen Rant

Elden Ring Everything that is known about the next game of fromSoftware the parents of Dark Souls

After years of waiting and silence, the exit from Elden Ring is relatively close. As the study has broken its long silence, we have tons of information about different aspects of the game. Whether you’re curious about what to expect or look for information to determine if the game is for you, you’re probably in the right place.

We have gathered everything we have been able to find about the game, except for its mythology and history, that we already advance in a previous text. Before arriving at the core of the matter, remember that Elden Ring arrives on January 21, 2022 to PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series.

Elden Ring: What game software do you look like?

The consensus that seems to arise at this time is that Elden Ring is like a Dark Souls in terms of gameplay, atmosphere and tradition, but adding a great open world, as well as elements of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. It is a slightly reductionist way to say it, since the game is the crystallization of everything they have learned in the course of their various titles (including Demon’s Souls and Bloodborne).

You are free to choose a class and appearance among several at the beginning of the adventure, and then level up talking to the equivalent of the fireguard, called Melina. This allows you to create your own build with various options of weapons, armor, but also spells, so you can play drastically different; Exactly as in the Souls.

Sekiro’s influence can be seen in the fact that it is possible to jump to explore and climb the terrain, but also to dodge certain attacks. The damage by fall has been reduced considerably and it will be possible to use stealth to avoid fights or murder enemies. Block with a weapon instead of a shield will also be a much more viable option than before.

Melina and the nexus

The equivalent of Bonfires / Lamps / Statues present in all fromSoftware Games will obviously be. Called fall grace, it is a golden light that you can see in some screenshots. It meets the same functions as the bonfires, allowing you to regenerate life and mana, as well as your specific life potions of Elden Ring.

You can use these places as a teleport point, as well as to summon the Guardian of Fire Melina. She will come out of nowhere as a spectrum, and you can spend your points to level up. These places also have the peculiarity of aiming at the address of your next great goal, something particularly useful in a great open world.

According to the words of Miyazaki, the points will be more rare and more distant from each other in Elden Ring, but to compensate, you will regenerate some health killing an enemy, which will keep you exploring for longer. It also seems that some optional bosses found in nature as the Wyvern make a rest point appear when dying.

At a certain point in history, you will unlock the equivalent of Demon’s Souls, a large central room from which you can explore the 6 main regions. There will be different characters of the game, and also others who will come to visit. In any case, this will allow you to obtain missions and take advantage of your services.

Open world

The intermediate lands are the kingdom in which the story is developed, and the tree of the world is in its center with different elements. In addition to the obvious reference to Tolkien and his middle land, there is some evidence that another kingdom is under the roots of the tree (possibly hell), as well as above its branches (heavenly domain or gods). But that’s just a supposition at the moment.

The world is divided into at least six large separate open areas, each with its own setting and unique challenges. Of course, there will be a volcano, a swamp area, snowy areas and more. Each area includes a gigantic dungeon / castle in which there is one of the demigods that a fragment of the Elden circle has, which reigns as Lord over the area of ​​Him and who serves as a great boss.

The principle is a little similar to that of Demon‘s demonic souls Souls / Dark Souls, and are necessary to reach the end of the game, although the vast majority of the bosses are optional. The boss with a multitude of arms visible in the trailer and some screenshots seems to be one of these demigods.

The game will present a logical order in which to perform these 6 kingdoms, but you are absolutely free to do it in the order you prefer (again, as in Demon’s Souls).

This video shown to the press would show an old world map (unfortunately not available image) drawn in a parchment. We can see the kingdoms there, as well as a spacious ocean. Since this is a real physical map that is seen in the game and not just a tool that is given to the player, you will not be able to complete it simply by walking through the areas. According to comments, you must look for the other fragments of the map, which will encourage exploration. Of course, you can put a marker on the map, which will make a light column appear to help you orient you in the game.

The world is open, but many areas remain narrow and labyrinthine. In addition, you can be linked to each other of unexpected forms, as is usually the case in the FromSoftware games. You can also take several different paths to get to a boss, the first implies a difficult combat and / or dodge crossbow shooting, while the second requires being stealthy and climbing. You can choose according to your game style and then change your mind.

There are many characters, monsters, events and treasures waiting for you in the open world, as well as innumerable hazards that fromSoftware keeps secret. There are also field leaders to discover, like the Wyvern that rushes from the heavens and burns a group of enemies, being free to face it or flee.

We still do not know to what extent the bad weather is handled like rain or wind. They are present in the videos of the game, but we do not know if it is a transient or permanent climate. On the other hand, the day-night cycle is very present, you will feel easy to exercise the discretion at night, but with the counterpart that your vision will also be affected. In addition, new and more formidable monsters are available exclusively at night.

Dark Souls 3: 10 Things To Know When Starting A New Game
The illusory walls will be present, to delight the people who like to hit with their sword on all the walls. A couple of binoculars will allow you to observe the situation from the distance to try to detect enemies and traps before venturing into an open area. Finally, fast trips will be available from anywhere and at any unlocked destination.


To explore the vast outdoor spaces, a kind of spiritual horse was introduced. The horse has a kind of double jump, as well as a special ability to reach inaccessible areas using a special platform. You can call it even moving, which makes it a good way to escape.

It is also possible to fight horseback, being able to attack, shoot arrows and even throw spells from the saddle. This makes it the perfect choice for certain fights that require a lot of mobility, as well as hitting and running attacks. For example, against a dragon or a giant. According to developers, you will prefer to dismantle several opponents. It also allows you to dodge and use your combat skills, which does not seem possible on horseback.

However, in the case of a PVP invasion, the horse will be deactivated, possibly to encourage clashes instead of flight.


The clashes are more similar to Souls, with a wide variety of weapons, armor, shields and spells. The resistance bar will also be there, although it will be less restrictive for your actions than in the previous titles, for example running does not consume anything. Sekiro elements have also been introduced, such as jumping and a posture bar that can break to make the enemy vulnerable. The fights also have a rhythm a little faster.

A small novelty is the possibility of unleashing a quick counterattack after blocking with your weapon, something that normally does not foster at all in Souls. Maybe this is a balance done to offer an alternative to the shields.

Another novelty is the incorporation of skills. They are different from Souls’ weapons skills, as well as Sekiro’s combat skills. These are combat powers that can be applied to any weapon. You will need to find these skills throughout the game and choose the ones you prefer for your current configuration.

The addition of stealth allows you to dodge many fights, especially against enemies that are too dangerous to face them normally. It also allows you to participate in the combat with an advantage by stabbing an enemy on the back. The tall grass is still an interesting place to hide. A kind of somnifera arrow has been mentioned to sleep at a distance enemy.

The invocations system will also help you customize your focus on certain situations.

NEW: Spiritual invocations

This is not entirely new, since there is already a similar system in several study games: the possibility of convening certain NPCs through a brand on the ground to help you in a boss or at a level. But the way it works has been revised radically. We can see different characters and creatures of blue color in the trailer of the game and screenshots, these are the new invocations.

During your adventures, you will unlock new monsters and characters of different types, then you can compose the equipment you want to convene according to your preferences and needs. These invocations will only be available in certain particularly difficult sections of the game, probably when it comes to large groups of enemies. In addition, it consumes mana to keep them active.

Therefore, you will not be able to abuse it, as you can deprive yourself of the ability to cast spells or habildiades. Some invocations are more powerful than others, but they also consume more mana. Explore the world and complete missions will be ways to unlock new invocations, and the choice of your team will greatly differentiate your character from the others.


An element that should cause Elden Ring more accessible than previous titles of the study is the integration of multiplayer mode, as well as its simplification. You will no longer need a special element to play cooperatively. In addition, there should no longer be time limits. It will not disappear after defeating a boss. This is quite logical, since the game includes hours of exploration of the open world.

The player against player mode will also be present, but apart from blocking the use of horses, we do not know much about it. A system of features similar to the present in Dark Souls should serve to flavor things, with features that offer rewards or a particular role play. But this has not been detailed.

Objects and equipment

As mentioned above, we will have healing potions that work in a manner similar to the Estus, as they are recharged while resting. However, the vials that regenerate mana have not been confirmed. The videos show many weapons, so the choice must be broad. Among the exotic weapons seen, a kind of sword-whip stand out in the hands of an invocation, the possibility of playing with a sword in each hand, as well as a double sword.

All weapons have slots in which to place runes. Special relics are also planned to throw spells. The arches will be in the game and are supposed to work better than in previous titles, for players who want to play with an archer.

You can park plants, skins and minerals to manufacture and improve weapons.

Contente of MGG Fr.

Aeon must the Wilder Scifi Brawler starts this year

Crazy Taxi is a collection of racing video games that was established by Hitmaker as well as published by Sega. The very first video game appeared in galleries in 1999 and was extremely effective, motivating Sega to port the game version to their Dreamcast console in 2000. It is the third very popular Dreamcast video game in the United States, marketing over a million duplicates. The video game was later ported to the PlayStation 2, Nintendo GameCube, as well as COMPUTER with follows up also showing up on the Xbox, Video Game Boy Advancement, and also PlayStation Portable systems.
Each game has the player assume the duty of a cab driver who should build up money by supplying passengers to their locations in the fastest time possible, making suggestions by executing insane feats prior to the time goes out. The franchise business has actually been identified for its innovative gameplay layout which is simple to discover yet hard to master, its use in-game marketing, and also its soundtrack songs offered by the bands The Children as well as Negative Faith. The core gameplay mechanic has actually been patented by Sega, leading to at the very least one legal action over similar gameplay in The Simpsons: Road Craze, which has considering that been settled out of court.

Get ready for a crazy Scifi massacre with the unique animes inspired graphic style, paired with a story that tells of betrayal, love and revenge. Experienced a spectacular beat ‘Em-up the risky play particularly rewarded, offering an innovative Ki in tactical fighting and waiting with an incredible graphic style.

Aeon, the dreaded imperator of the unstoppable Void Aramada was cheated and left to death by its generals. Weakened and without body for the rich frame train, he fuses with the player to survive – and to put his revenue plans into action.

Decides who lives and who dies – and changed the fate of the galaxy! Take the futuristic city of Pantheon to destroy or submit those who betrayed the imperator while fighting for your free will – and the control over your own body. Will you succumb to Aeon’s will and release your power, but lose yourself? Or will you get the heavy path and be free? And are you willing to pay the price of freedom?

Knives Out theory demonstrates that Benoit Blanc is smarter than anyone thought

Knives Out is a 2019 American mystery movie composed and also guided by Rian Johnson and also produced by Johnson as well as Ram Bergman. It complies with a master detective examining the fatality of the patriarch of an affluent, inefficient household. The movie features an ensemble cast consisting of Daniel Craig, Chris Evans, Ana de Armas, Jamie Lee Curtis, Michael Shannon, Don Johnson, Toni Collette, Lakeith Stanfield, Katherine Langford, Jaeden Martell, as well as Christopher Plummer.
Johnson thought of the standard principle for Knives Out in 2005 as well as made a decision to make the movie after completing Looper in 2012. Nonetheless, as a result of his involvement in Star Wars: The Last Jedi, he was not able to compose the movie script until 2017. The movie was introduced the year after, and also it was sold to distributors during the 2018 Toronto International Movie Celebration. Recording was completed in 3 months from October to December 2018.
Knives Out had its opening night at the 2019 Toronto International Movie Celebration on September 7, 2019, and it was theatrically released in the United States on November 27 by Lionsgate Films. The movie got important acclaim, especially for its movie script, instructions, as well as acting, as well as it grossed $311.4 million globally against a $40 million spending plan. At the 77th Golden Globe Awards, it got 3 nominations in the Music or Funny classification while additionally receiving Ideal Initial Screenplay nominations at the 73rd British Academy Film Awards and also 92nd Academy Awards. It was selected by the American Film Institute and also the National Board of Review as one of the leading 10 films of 2019.
In March 2021, it was reported that Netflix had actually accepted pay over $450 million for the civil liberties to 2 follows up to be written and directed by Johnson, with Craig repeating his role as detective Benoit Blanc. Shooting for Knives Out 2 started in June 2021.

The Mystery of Rian Johnson 2019, Knives Out, has remembered many the art of the police novel. Knives outside was such a success that Netflix agreed to do two sequels. Built by a stellar cast, there is little you do not like. Daniel Craig’s performance as Detective Benoit Blanc surprised viewers as particularly memorable. The eccentric detective was able to solve the crime at the end, but how long did he know the identity of the suspect?

With the next sequels of Netflix Knives Out, Benoit Blanc is expected to return as the detective to solve mysteries. Blanc showed that, although it is possible that he does not behave the way they all expect him to make a detective, that does not mean that he is not qualified for work. When he was presented for the first time in Knives Out, the spectators remembered the praise of the decorated detective that made many members of the Thromomy family anxious to know why he was there.

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From your first moment on the screen, the eccentric detective had the hands occupied. Blanc was essentially trying to solve two mysteries at a time. He not only was trying to find out the true circumstances surrounded by Harlan’s death, but also to discover who hired him. Knowing that the mysteries are interwoven, Blanc knows that resolving one would probably resolve the other. On…

Naughty Dog bosses indicate With Uncharted and Last of Us it goes on

Only yesterday we reported by Naughty Dog’s great multiplayer project, for which continues to be searched for employees. Whether here is a new IP or you actually leave the The Last of US franchise, is not quite clear. But what is clear: The two blockbuster brands Uncharted and Last of Us remain important for Naughty Dog.

Naughty Dog sees a future for uncharted and the last of us

In an interview with Game Informer, the two Naughty Dog Chefs Evan Wells and Neil Printant talked about the history of the studio and how it will continue in the future. And of course it came to the question of whether it goes to Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End and The Last of Us: Part 2 now with new franchises.

Co-President Evan Wells meant:

I think the simple answer is: both. I think there is the enthusiasm for developing a new IP, but there is also a lot of love for Uncharted and The Last of Us and I believe you will in the future both types of See projects from us.

FINALLY! An Update on RaiderZ!

Especially in the case of Uncharted this is an interesting statement. Sure, here is not directly confirmed that a new offshoot arises – but if it goes on again treasure hunt, then apparently at Naughty Dog itself.

At the last of us, it was also meant that there was already a finished script for a third part and one must only see if and when the production starts here.

What we definitely know: Naughty Dog is currently working on a standalone multiplayer game. But a rather small team is responsible, which the project has already looked after the LAST OF US: Part 2 during work. Now the release of Ellies Rachefeldzug is already a year ago and in time certainly a lot has happened.

Whether there is now a completely new brand or something known – Naughty Dog seems to be able to stick to her two blockbuster brands. This could be ruled out that Uncharted and The Last of US complement the same fate like Crash Bandicoot or Jak & Daxter – super success but part of the past.

Hand on the heart: What do you want in the future of Naughty Dog?

XboxDynasty Stream Psychonauts 2 and King s Bounty 2 starts at 19 00 on Twitch

From 19:00 clock you can watch a new selection of games in the XboxDynasty live stream. We would be very happy if you turn on and welcome us in the chat. It’s starting soon!

Here you can see what is on the program today:

NBA LIVE 18 -- Gameplay (PS4)
* 23.08.2021 – 19:00 – Psychonauts 2 and King’s Bounty 2 – Xbox Series X

Here is the stream:

We would be very happy if you turn on again today and shares this stream with your friends and groups.

  1. XboxDynasty Follow on Twitch: So that you do not miss streams, we now recommend that you follow the channel of XboxDynasty on Twitch here and to activate the notifications.
  2. XboxDynasty Stream Plan: Which streams are planned so far, you will always find Mondays in the XboxDynasty Twitch schedule for the new week, where you can then also set up a reminder.
  3. XboxDynasty Streamer: You can also follow the XboxDynasty streamers on Twitter: XMUFL & THORIDIAS83.

Elden Ring does not include writing in the game of George RR Martin

The next action game and adventures of fromSoftware, anillo de Elden, account in particular with a collaboration with George RR Martin, who is the author of the na song of ice and fire, saga. While Martin’s work in _anillo de Elden could be one of the most notable aspects of the title, however, it seems that Martin did not really contribute when it comes to the writing of the game that will be seen in the final product.

War Thunder's A-7D is TOTALLY not broken

According to a new IGN report, the text of the game found in anillo de Elden is actually being written by Hideta Miyazaki, who is the project manager. Miyazaki is the one who has mainly written the text that has been seen in previous studio games, especially with bloodborne and the dark saga. Speaking more about how the story in anillo de Elden as a whole will be said, those in the study said that the narrative in the game is still distributed in a similar way compared to the previous games in which he has worked. In From Fashion, the story is counted in fragments and we have not changed our principle to provide a world and a narrative that the player can interpret by himself, said Marketing Leader of fromSoftware, Yasuhiro Kitao.

Of course, if Martin himself is not writing much of the text that will appear in anillo de Elden, this poses the question of what he did really in the project. Martin himself explained in an interview a couple of months ago that he, for the most part, created the tradition and the history of background for the world in general in which the Elden_ is established. After establishing this world, Martin spent all this information to fromSoftware, where they come to create the game. Basically, since then anillo de Elden entered the real production phase, Martin has been more distanced from the project, which helps to understand why he would not be he who wrote the text of the game.

Anillo de Elden in itself seems quite promising based on everything we have seen so far and, hopefully, the final product will be delivered when it is launched at the beginning of next year, on January 21, 2022.

Developer by The Last of Us Plant First pure multiplayer

A game is an organized kind of play, usually undertaken for enjoyment or fun, and occasionally made use of as an instructional device. Gamings are unique from work, which is normally accomplished for reimbursement, as well as from art, which is more usually an expression of aesthetic or ideological components. Nevertheless, the distinction is not precise, and also many games are additionally considered to be job (such as professional gamers of viewer sporting activities or video games) or art (such as jigsaw puzzles or video games entailing an imaginative design such as Mahjong, jewelry, or some computer game).
Gamings are in some cases played totally for satisfaction, often for success or reward too. They can be played alone, in groups, or online; by amateurs or by specialists. The players might have a target market of non-players, such as when people are amused by watching a chess champion. On the other hand, players in a game might constitute their very own target market as they take their rely on play. Frequently, part of the enjoyment for children playing a game is determining who belongs to their audience and also who is a player.
Secret elements of games are objectives, guidelines, obstacle, and also communication. Games usually entail psychological or physical excitement, as well as typically both. Lots of games help establish sensible skills, offer as a kind of workout, or otherwise execute an academic, simulational, or mental duty.
Confirmed as early as 2600 BC, games are an universal part of human experience and present in all cultures. The Royal Game of Ur, Senet, and Mancala are some of the oldest known games.

In a Tweet, the Studio Naughty Dog announced that developers are looking for a new game. These new employees should focus on the first standalone multiplayer game of the studio. Possible would be a stand-alone game in the Setting vonthe last of us part II.

What will that be for a game? About the new game of Naughty Dog is not much known so far. In addition to the fact that it is to be an independent multiplayer title, the co-Game Director Vinit Agarwal revealed the following over Twitter:

We are looking for new employees. Applying to you if you want to help in our independent multiplayer action game that it will be a cinematic experience between the players.

According to Agarwal, it becomes an action game and from the cineastic experience can be deduced that story and impressive images will play a role. This also fits into the developer studio that created two iconic games rows with Uncharted and The Last of Us, which value exactly for these things.

Wanted for the game will be among other things:

  • Gameplay scripter,
  • Level designer,
  • Systems Designer

Bathtub Simulator 2021 - War Thunder
* and AI Programmer.

That sounds like the game could be quite extensive and as it would be at a very early stage.

It could be the multiplayer to the last of us 2? At the beginning of 2020, the developers announced a multiplayer mode to The Last of US Part II, which should only be published after the release. At that time, however, it was not clear if it appears as an update, in the form of a DLC or as an independent game.

Whether this standalone Game is now the multiplayer of the Last of US Part II, neither confirmed nor denens.

More about multiplayer titles on Meinmmo:

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Naughty Dog already has experience with multiplayers, but not as a standalone

How much experience has the studio with multiplayers? Naughty Dog has quite experience with content for multiple players:

  • In The Last of US 1 from 2013, there is a multiplayer mode named Factage, where the players in 4V4 and over several matches could fight against each other.
  • Uncharted 4 got a coop mode at the end of 2016, which brought with its own progress system.

However, the studio has not yet developed a completely own game that is based on a multiplayer.

What would you want as a multiplayer title by Naughty Dog? A game in the universe of The Last of Us, Uncharted or a whole new world? Write it into the comments.

Naughty Dog confirms that he works in his first great multiplayer game

After they have circulated a multitude of rumors about the next Naughty Dog project, especially those who aimed at this one would be a multiplayer title, finally these have been confirmed . In this way, and thanks to the publication of a multitude of job offers to enter the Californian study, since Twitter have announced that they are working on The first independent multiplayer game of the study.

Obively, Standalone Multiplayer we know, in Naughty Dog they are not much less new in these lides, since they have implemented competitive online modes in both the Saga Uncharted and on the first installment of The LStandalone Multiplayert of US . In fact, many of the aforementioned rumors speak that this multiplayer could be an even greater features mode set in the game universe, something that of course is neither confirmed nor deflected officially. All in all, they talk about a Standalone game, with which to deal with this Fapes mode, it would not be necessary to have a copy of The LStandalone Multiplayert of Us Part II to be able to enjoy it.

War Thunder - The Day We Finally Made Tanks Fly

Naughty Dog is Hiring Across Multiple Discipline for The Studio’s First Standalone Multiplayer Game! Visit to Learn More!

  • Naughty Dog Jobs (@naughtydogjobs) August 27, 2021

What does Naughty Dog need?

Standalone Multiplayer for the offers they have published, it is deducted that today they need staff on many fronts, and that the project is still in diapers. Designer of levels, special effects artist, AI programmer, Animation programmer … It is also possible to mention highlighting the designer position of economics and monetization, with which, like all multiplayer who is precipated, will have some economic model that I could go in many directions: micropayments, battle pStandalone Multiplayerses … there is nothing confirmed at the moment.

This does not mean at all that in Naughty Dog they do not continue to develop Single Player Games. In fact, there have been no few occStandalone Multiplayerions when Neil Druckmann, one of the visible heads of the study, hStandalone Multiplayer Standalone Multiplayersured having and ideStandalone Multiplayer at the argument level for a hypothetical third installment of The LStandalone Multiplayert of US , although for now , we will have to settle for the next premiere of the television series in HBO.

Naughty Dog Works on a standalone multiplayer

Naughty Dog, LLC (formerly JAM Software program, Inc.) is an American first-party computer game programmer based in Santa Monica, The Golden State. Founded by Andy Gavin as well as Jason Rubin in 1984, the studio was acquired by Sony Computer system Amusement in 2001. Gavin and also Rubin created a sequence of gradually more effective games, consisting of Rings of Power as well as Way of the Warrior in the very early 1990s. The latter video game prompted Universal Interactive Studios to authorize the duo to a three-title contract and also fund the growth of the business.
After designer and manufacturer Mark Cerny persuaded Naughty Dog to develop a character-based platform video game that would certainly make use of the 3D capabilities of the new systems, Naughty Dog created Accident Bandicoot for the PlayStation in 1996. Naughty Dog established 3 Accident Bandicoot games over the next numerous years. After developing Crash Group Competing, the business began dealing with Jak and Daxter: The Forerunner Tradition for the PlayStation 2.
In 2004, Rubin, who had actually come to be the business’s president, left the company to work on a brand-new job, Iron and also the Maiden. In enhancement to their inhouse game group, Naughty Dog is likewise house to the ICE Team, among SIE Worldwide Studios’s central modern technology teams. The business’s very first PlayStation 3 game, Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune, was launched in 2007, complied with by a number of sequels and also spin-off titles. Naughty Dog was previously recognized for having a history of developing one video game at a time, and additionally one franchise business per console, a debatable fad that was criticized by followers. This lasted till Naughty Dog revealed a brand-new copyright for the PlayStation 3, The Last of United States, which remained in advancement by an additional team at the studio and released to essential acclaim in 2013. A follow up, The Last of United States Part II for PlayStation 4, was launched by Naughty Dog in 2020 to similar honor, though the narrative polarized movie critics and target markets.

Last year, Naughty Dog published one of the last major Playstation 4 titles with The Last of Us: Part 2. However, previously unknown to what projects the studio is currently working on. Among other things, according to previous rumors, a remake of The Last of Us should be in development. Now the developer studio has officially confirmed at least one project.

Is it the LAST OF US: Part 2 Multiplayer?

Accordingly, one works at the first standalone multiplayer game of the studio. Naughty Dog has made several job advertisements known in which explicit employees are looking for a multiplayer title. Among other things you would like to set some gameplay scripters, designers, programmers and testers.

So far, Naughty Dog has always been speculated on a multiplayer to The Last of Us: Part 2, which is integrated into the action adventure at a later date. Now fans can at least hope that the multiplayer will actually see the light of the world. Since it will be a standalone title, you can also assume a more extensive project that the players should keep in a mood in the long term.

More about: The Last of US Part 2 – DataMiner discovers notes on a Battle-Royal mode

In the past you already had Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End and The Last of Us with multiplayer modes. Accordingly, one can be curious which news Naughty Dog still has to communicate in the future. As soon as appropriate information will be revealed, we bring you up to date.

War Thunder Beginner's Guide 3.0, How to Energy Fight

A dedicated PlayStation 5 version of The Last of Us: Part 2 also features it. After Ghost of Tsushima and Death Stranding in so-called Director’s Cut editions once again appear for the PlayStation 5 and would like to publish Sony in the future more these versions, it is at least likely that Naughty Dogs Action Adventure also has any Treatment receives.

Naughty Dog is Hiring Across Multiple Disciplines for the Studio’s First Standalone Multiplayer Game! Visit to learn more!

  • Naughty Dog Jobs (@naughtyDogJobs) August 27, 2021

Further news about Naughty Dog, The Last of Us: Part 2.

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