After a very expected reappearance last June at E3, Elden Ring will not have false leap on the occasion of Gamescom and takes advantage of the event to reveal new information transmitted to a handful of writing, including those of JV, IGN, Polygon and The Verge who have discovered a presentation of a twenty minutes.

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Do not look for the gameplay video in question on this page or elsewhere, but we imagine that Bandai Namco will share it with the audience later history to raise the pressure gradually, the game of fromSoftware is not remembered not expected before the 21 January 2022. Most of the elements contained in these items had already been mentioned last June, but we can start by note that the open world of the game pushed the developers to put a card in the hands of the player, a little first in 12 years of Souls-like for fromSoftware that asked us so far to memorize its level design interconnected.

This card will not be extremely detailed and therefore does not intend to indicate the location of the slightest resource, but it will be a minimum in the world of land and use the travel system fast (inaccessible within a dungeon). The card will be updated by finding map fragments disseminated here and there. In terms of exploration, we know that the player will have a compass and a bright drag guide to tell him the next main destination, but we will of course be free to get away from exploring The optional places disseminated everywhere. And for those who fear not to navigate, a functionality will put his own markers history not to forget the location of an interesting monster or a useful resource.

This open world, fromSoftware will offer us to explore it on a back of a ghost desterrier, to whom we can eat to strengthen complicity and who can borrow from drafts to achieve high reliefs, the verticality being One of the key elements of an architecture that will not punish the clumsy players given the absence of fall damage. From the confession of fromSoftware, the reappearance points will not fail in order not to impose long trips after a death. In addition to the sites of lost grace which are the equivalent of the campfires, the player may indeed discover intermediate recurrence on the way, points he will be free to use or not. As a reminder, the open world of Elden Ring is placed at the center of six regions housing the main dungeons of the game. These will be particularly complex and comparable at emblematic levels, such as the bottle palace of * Demon’s Souls *. Between these big steps, the exploration will be marked by piles of mini-dungeons taking the form of caves, cemeteries or catacombs.

As we already knew, Elden Ring wants to evolve the formula Dark Souls but do not hesitate to look on the side of Sekiro , not just because the character will be able to jump but also Because it will have the means to sneak discreetly if necessary, why not to sleep a threat with a sleeping arrow. Sword, Arc, Magic, Infiltration: More generally, the customization of the combat style looks more flexible than in the other games of the studio, even if no one has seen concretely the character of the character’s evolution. We know despite everything that will be necessary to see the traditional dedicated character (Melina) to gain levels. Finally, if needed a helping hand, it will be possible to convene the spirit of certain NPCs fallen into combat, not to mention the possibility of calling on one or two online gambling partners, without anyone knowing If the difficulty of the game will adapt to the number of players.