Elden Ring is one of the most expected games for 2022, since the fans of software the crushing odysses that simply can not wait to be crushed again, and although the last update concerns everyone Fans, refers specifically to those of PS5 , as we now know Elden Ring should support dualsense controller haptic feedback , but not Audio 3D .

The news comes from the UNGEEK website, which was able to obtain a direct response about the Yasuhiro Kitao, the marketing manager and production of Desoftware . When asked about what PS5 Features Ring of Elden will use, Kitao said: We are not considering Audio 3D At this time, but we are looking for ways to implement haptic feedback of * DualSense * Controller.

While it is disappointing to listen to it, we should not wait Audio 3D , at least not on the launch, if not never, it is much more exciting to know that we should get Hostic feedback Support. Dualsense Controller remains one of the best aspects of owning a ps5 and the fact that many third-party developers, including desoftware are looking to implement their characteristics so early in the life of the console.

It is important to keep in mind that something could change, since the appointment does not say directly that they are already implemented, but are looking for ways to implement them, so it is very possible that they do not reach the final game. .

At least, it is a good omen of how the controller will be used even more and how creative we can see that the developers become the new hardware in general. Ring of Elden is scheduled to launch on January 28, 2022.

Source – [UNGEEK]