After they have circulated a multitude of rumors about the next Naughty Dog project, especially those who aimed at this one would be a multiplayer title, finally these have been confirmed . In this way, and thanks to the publication of a multitude of job offers to enter the Californian study, since Twitter have announced that they are working on The first independent multiplayer game of the study.

Obively, Standalone Multiplayer we know, in Naughty Dog they are not much less new in these lides, since they have implemented competitive online modes in both the Saga Uncharted and on the first installment of The LStandalone Multiplayert of US . In fact, many of the aforementioned rumors speak that this multiplayer could be an even greater features mode set in the game universe, something that of course is neither confirmed nor deflected officially. All in all, they talk about a Standalone game, with which to deal with this Fapes mode, it would not be necessary to have a copy of The LStandalone Multiplayert of Us Part II to be able to enjoy it.

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Naughty Dog is Hiring Across Multiple Discipline for The Studio’s First Standalone Multiplayer Game! Visit to Learn More!

  • Naughty Dog Jobs (@naughtydogjobs) August 27, 2021

What does Naughty Dog need?

Standalone Multiplayer for the offers they have published, it is deducted that today they need staff on many fronts, and that the project is still in diapers. Designer of levels, special effects artist, AI programmer, Animation programmer … It is also possible to mention highlighting the designer position of economics and monetization, with which, like all multiplayer who is precipated, will have some economic model that I could go in many directions: micropayments, battle pStandalone Multiplayerses … there is nothing confirmed at the moment.

This does not mean at all that in Naughty Dog they do not continue to develop Single Player Games. In fact, there have been no few occStandalone Multiplayerions when Neil Druckmann, one of the visible heads of the study, hStandalone Multiplayer Standalone Multiplayersured having and ideStandalone Multiplayer at the argument level for a hypothetical third installment of The LStandalone Multiplayert of US , although for now , we will have to settle for the next premiere of the television series in HBO.