The next action game and adventures of fromSoftware, anillo de Elden, account in particular with a collaboration with George RR Martin, who is the author of the na song of ice and fire, saga. While Martin’s work in _anillo de Elden could be one of the most notable aspects of the title, however, it seems that Martin did not really contribute when it comes to the writing of the game that will be seen in the final product.

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According to a new IGN report, the text of the game found in anillo de Elden is actually being written by Hideta Miyazaki, who is the project manager. Miyazaki is the one who has mainly written the text that has been seen in previous studio games, especially with bloodborne and the dark saga. Speaking more about how the story in anillo de Elden as a whole will be said, those in the study said that the narrative in the game is still distributed in a similar way compared to the previous games in which he has worked. In From Fashion, the story is counted in fragments and we have not changed our principle to provide a world and a narrative that the player can interpret by himself, said Marketing Leader of fromSoftware, Yasuhiro Kitao.

Of course, if Martin himself is not writing much of the text that will appear in anillo de Elden, this poses the question of what he did really in the project. Martin himself explained in an interview a couple of months ago that he, for the most part, created the tradition and the history of background for the world in general in which the Elden_ is established. After establishing this world, Martin spent all this information to fromSoftware, where they come to create the game. Basically, since then anillo de Elden entered the real production phase, Martin has been more distanced from the project, which helps to understand why he would not be he who wrote the text of the game.

Anillo de Elden in itself seems quite promising based on everything we have seen so far and, hopefully, the final product will be delivered when it is launched at the beginning of next year, on January 21, 2022.