Nintendo Classic pallet GBA Boy Advance violates the first new work in 13 years! Independent horizontal reel GBA good dog dog star (Goodboy Galaxy) is about to board nintendo switch , pc and GBA handset, raising the first day of the Kickstarter platform Reach the standard.

Since 2010, it has been difficult to cast a passion for GBA, Sald Legend : Magic Hat, Marie Out Car Advance and other GBAs due to GBA simulation Save it.

It is not enough to save it, and the fans gradually prevalent, and some people put two and a half hours Tianneng movie to the card last March, and the independent development of the classic ROM GBA is not a small number. .

This Good Dog Dog Star is developed by the Rik Nicol and Jeremy Clarke who loves GBA dynamic GBAs, and the main platform of the dog is the protagonist. Mounting_kickstarter_ The first day, breaking through the target of $ 24,777, and the current amount has exceeded $ 88,000.

According to the team’s statement, this GBAplay is similar to the Galaxy Warrior / Mitrud or cave, and the overall style is more cute. The story tells a space dog named Maxewell to launch a universe exploration task, and connect new friends in the journey to prevent hometowns from being destroyed.

This plan seems to have not yet been recognized by Nintendo, and the team still resolutely intended to introduce the GBA entity card and the outer box. While satisfying nostalgia, you will also log in to Nintendo Switch and steam , allowing other preferences to play. In the future, it will join the fundraising task, color comics, enhanced version, and GBA version of the alone chapter. The amount of fundraising exceeded 100,000 US dollars, and even publicly opened the original code and teaching.

Good Dog Dog Star is expected to launch GBA and Steam versions in December 2022, and Nintendo Switch is scheduled to launch in March 2023, support Chinese, English, Japanese, Spanish, French. At present, there is ITCH.IO to provide demo demo (click here), interested readers can first grab the incense.

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