The latest update for PUBG: Battlegrounds by KRONSON, INC. will be published on September 8 for PC and September 16 for consoles. It introduces the latest survivor’s pass of the game: Crazy Night.

The patch also adds the P90 SMG weapon to the fans popular with the fans and introduces a new vehicle, a new gameplay system, a new weapon and new weather options for the Map Taego, located in South Korea.

Here is the complete overview of Update 13.2:

  • SurvivorPass – Crazy Night: PubG Studios has made further changes to the survivor pass and extended the duration of six to eight weeks. From 8 September to 3 November, players can earn a variety of rewards within 50 levels – including a smuggling goods coupon, a name tag and a spray.
  • New weapon – P90 SMG: AB Update 13.2 If the P90 SMG requested by fans will be available via supply packages on all cards. The P90 is the first SMG in supply packages since the original Tommy Gun and comes with their own, special 5.7 mm high-performance ammunition that makes them effective in fighting on a large distance.
  • Updates for the map Taego: The popular 8 × 8 card with South Korea as a scene will receive a number of adjustments, including:
    • New vehicle – Porter: This Hyundai pick-up truck is only Taego available and can accommodate up to four passengers. The porter replaces the UAZ vehicle on Taego.
    • New function – trunk system: With this function, players can use the trunk of the Porter vehicle to stow a limited number of objects. When destroying the vehicle, all items are lost.
    • New weapon – zone grenade: This throwing weapon creates a round blue zone with a maximum radius of ten meters and causes ten damage points per second. Strategic players can use this as a tool to lure enemies from buildings.
    • New weather options: With the new update, the random weather options Sunset and Cloudy are introduced to Taego, and give the card a unique appearance.
  • Introduction of Casual Mode: For players who are new in pubg or want to warm up in a less tense environment, 13.2 of the Casual Mode is introduced. Players can balance up to three matches on the day at Casual mode alone or with a team and earn XP rewards, BP rewards, passport missions, event missions and more. Casual mode will only be available on an explanation.

Further information about Update 13.2 is available in the full patch notes here. Update 13.2 will be published on September 8 for PC and September 16 for consoles. Players who already want to try Update 13.2 can do this from today on the PC test server.