Even before the semi-final duel with Novak Djokovic Festand, Olympic champion Alexander Zverev knew exactly what there is on him at the US Open. You have to be perfect, otherwise you will not win, said the 24-year-old Hamburger after his sovereign 7: 6 (8: 6), 6: 3, 6: 4 against Lloyd Harris from South Africa. Around nine hours later, Djokovic moved in the night to Thursday with an impressive 5: 7, 6: 2, 6: 2, 6: 3 against Matteo Berrettini from Italy to \ – and sent the first little pin in the direction of his next opponent: I know his game very well, he plays very well. But again: semi-finals. It’s about nerves. Let’s see what happens.

As with the Olympic Games Six weeks ago, Zverev and Djokovic meet on Friday on Friday on the big tennis stage. And again it goes for both a lot.

Djokovic: I do not want to talk about it

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The one – ZVEREV – after Olympic gold finally wants the first title to a Grand Slam. The other – Djokovic – has already 20, would be with another sole record holder and, more importantly, with a win in New York would have the Grand Slam. That means: all four Grand Slams of a year. Melbourne, London, Paris and New York. Was that last in 1969. I do not want to talk about it. I know it’s there, but I just want to focus on the next game, Djokovic went far after midnight local time the question in this direction and even confessed: If I think too much about it, the mental burdens me.

Zverev and Djokovic can go into the match with justified self-confidence. The hamburger has won the past 16 tennis spaces all, after gold in Japan he also brought the title at the preparatory tournament in Cincinnati. He is as good as probably never. That he has to clear Djokovic on the way to the tournament victory out of the way was already the most likely scenario after the draw. That he can, he knows since Tokyo, even if it is still 6: 3 for the Serbs in direct duel. I feel as the first player who beat him in a very big match this year, Zverev said now. That gives you something. He also had a few more pause and much shorter in the square.

These were the three best sentences I’ve played in a tournament.

Djokovic after victory against Berrettini

But Djokovic is still the favorite, because his performance against Berrettini had no doubt. After the 5: 7 in the first sentence, the Serb played as he plays this year: almost not forced. The Italian was good, his surcharges were hard and precise – yet Djokovic brought them back and back to the field. I lifted my tennis to another level. These were the three best sentences I’ve played in a tournament, said Djokovic.

Already in the Wimbledon finale he had conquered Berrettini, which also stretched the trophies in Melbourne and Paris. The trophies of all major tournaments in one year lasts the legendary Rod Laver in 1969. In addition, he would have been the record for most grand slam victories for the most grand slam victories in New York – nor must Djokovic have the top spot in this rating with Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal parts, which also come to 20 triumphs.

On Zverev waits the biggest challenge of the tennis world

It does not matter how well I play. He just plays better, said Berrettini, who had to fight for his only set win at the beginning already 1:17 hours. He does not give me a point for free. I have to earn every single point.

ZVEREV knows that. You’re ready to play the best match you can, he described his situation. He’s the best player in the world. It’s very hard to beat him. For two winning sentences, it has already succeeded in Japan, now the highest challenge of the tennis world is waiting: against Djokovic in a best-of-five mode.