Insomniac Games of absolutely crazy. Spider-Man scored a before and after in the genre of superheroes within the videogame industry. Those responsible for works such as Resistance: Fall of Man, left the ribbon incredibly high last night during the last PlayStation Showcase. The study was not only content with announcing that he is working with a Spider-Man 2, prepared to launch himself from 2023, but is also in charge of a new video game of Lobezno, also known as Wolverine within the world of comics.

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It will not be the first time, of course, that we control the character incarnated by Hugh Jackman in the world of cinema with our command, but certainly we are possibly in front of one of the great titles starring this curious monster of metal. And that we have not even seen Gameplay, but considering that it is insomniac that is behind the project, we have no doubt that a tremendous game is coming.

We could only see a brief kinematics in which Wolverine pulls down his claws, to vary, but as always, and more, about a Marvel brand product, the community has scratched any other Egg Easter showing that Hulk could be present in the play. Which would be of the most normal, because these two beasts have been tied forever and in fact both have starred some of the most epic confrontations of superheroes in comics.

In the image that we have left on the top, a registration is appreciated with the name of HLK-181 inscribed. This is undoubtedly a clear reference to the first appearance of lobezno in the comics, which was in The Incredible Hulk Issue 181. That would confirm that both characters will be giving themselves from milks up on the identity card in the game and that, of course,, Possibly we see more characters from the Marvel Universe in the game, although for now it is still soon to pronounce itself about it.