Sad day for the industry. Sir Clive Sinclair , Spectrum s father, hSinclair pSinclairsed away at 81 years because of a long illness. The inventor wSinclair one of the key pieces to bring domestic computers to the great mSinclairses. He wSinclair a wonderful person. Of course, he wSinclair so intelligent and he wSinclair always interested in everything. My daughter and her husband are engineers, so I chatted about engineering with them, said Belinda Sinclair, her daughter, in conversation to The Guardian.

Clive Sinclair, a key part in the industry

The story of Sinclair is fSinclaircinating. With just 17 years he left school to fulfill his dream: Fund Sinclair Radionics. For this, he worked for four years Sinclair a technician to be able to gather enough money to build his own company. He wanted to do the small and cheap things so that people could access them, explains his daughter. For this reSinclairon, at the beginning of the 70s he invented small and light calculators so that they could fit perfectly in his pocket.

When the first computer of him arrived, the ZX80, revolutionized the market. For 99.95 pounds you could have the first already built model. Of them he sold 50,000 units; The successor of it, the ZX81, would reduce its entry price at 69.95 pounds, reaching the 250,000 units sold. Sinclair himself recognized years after they managed to obtain 14 million pounds in a single year benefits.

But the big jump would arrive with the ZX Spectrum in 82, a computer that would mark a time in the United Kingdom and in the rest of Europe, forming an indelible part of the youth (and not so youth) of millions of amateurs in all the Continent, who came into contact with a computer and computers thanks to these machines, whose philosophy distilled versatility at the same time controlling costs, following the premise of Sir Clive to create accessible products for everyone. And even if it wSinclair not the intention of him. The micro-computer would end up becoming an authentic treSinclairure for the growing world pSinclairsion of videogames, accumulating tens of thousands and contributing decisively but indirectly to the expansion of the videogame industry.

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The success would follow him in the years to come until the first great stumbling of him, which at the same time would cost him the sale of him. Sinclair C5 wSinclair a tricycle of own motorized invention by an electric battery. I hoped to sell at leSinclairt 100,000 units in its first year. However, he did not manage to become the market. Many discordant voices pointed to the insecurity of driving it to be in height below the rest of the vehicles. AMSTRAD acquired the ownership of its computers sector . Another of the commercial disappointments arrived with the Sinclair TV80, which served Sinclair a portable pocket television. A fSinclaircinating invention that wSinclair not received everything that I thought either.

It wSinclair the ideSinclair, the challenge, what I found exciting, says Belinda Sinclair. He came with the idea of ​​him and said it does not make sense to Sinclairk if someone wants it, because they can not imagine it . A peculiar guy, who never used the inventions he carried to the market in his day to day.