One of the most crazy Sandbox of the generation of PS3 and Xbox 360 is back from Volition s hand, which after the fiVolition handco of agents of mayhem wants to return for your privileges with its star franchise. Although the change of look and tone of the new Saint s Row hVolition hand not liked many fans, in the study they are confident with what they are able to get, warning that, among other virtues, they will offer the character editor more Deep all the franchise .

This hVolition hand been Volition handsured in an extensive thread on Twitter from Volition, from which they have also detailed a good handful more than characteristics. About this publisher, their statements are interesting, since the Saint s Row editor hVolition hand always been full of possibilities, and anticipate that we can create literally, whom we want . We will also have the possibility of editing their voice, with 4 mVolition handculine and 4 female models, although they have announced that they will talk more about this topic soon.

a lot of details more

Once again, in Volition they were Volition handked about the reVolition handons behind this argument, characters and tone, after the crazy Saint s Row III and IV. Obviously, from the study they believe that after the events of the fourth installment, the stories of the previous characters are complete and it is not where to take it or where to expand the world. We wanted to create new characters and a new world .

In addition to all the above, in Volition they affirm that there will also be a lot of garments to personalize not only our protagonist, but also to the members of the band. Likewise, also Customization of vehicles will be huge , with more options than ever .

But the thing is not left there, and they have ensured that Saint s Row is always better with a friend! , Start, affirmatively answer a question about cooperative mode . We have confirmed that there will be cooperative for the full game, better, it will work between generations, so PS4 players can play with PS5 players, for example .

Saint s Row will arrive throughout the year that comes to PS4, Xbox One, PS5, Xbox Series and PC.