The German Youtuberin GNU has become a victim of a thief: but he did not collect with her, but has stolen her thumbnails and video content. Unfortunately, GNU is no exception, how many cases show worldwide.

What happened? The Spanish Youtuber Fredy (via with more than 4.5 million subscribers has been serving for a few months at the thumbnails and the content ideas of the German Gaming Youtuberin GNU. Among other things, he downloads their cover pictures, cuts out the face and inserts his own visage.

German words are easy to stand in thumbnail and will not be translated. GNU has found this thanks to the Youtubers Mexify (Via and expresses itself as follows:

I have never seen such a few threes! There is a 4.5 million subscription youtuber very three all my thumbnails and clap his face over it! Title and Co. are also copied. I sit partially 2 – 3 hours on my thumbnails, sometimes even several days! (…) We are no longer talking about inspiration.


In case of accurate look also falls on: Fredy not only copies the thumbnails and titles, but also the content itself. GnU plays a game in which one mimans mimert, Fredy plays that too.

Smooth Thumbnails, Title and Content: On YouTube is everyday life

Unfortunately, GNU is not the first Youtuberin whose content and title pictures are copied. The most recent and present example should be a case from overseas. The US Creator Mr. Beast is also victims of riding board drivers.

As a reminder: Mr. Beast is known for crazy competitions where the winners can earn millions. His repertoire also includes saving the world by planting 20 million trees (via

Recently, the Youtuber showed that he has competition from Belarus. The channel A4 uses the thumbnails, the titles, the content and even equal camera settings such as Mr. Beast Consequences had no one. At this point we could still show countless examples. But more interesting is: How can Creator defend themselves?

You can do Youtuber against CopyCats

If a Creator encounters stolen content, there is only one way to make it effective. He clicks on Report , selects that the video violates your own copyright rights and provides the URL of your own video. In addition, a longer form must be completed.

If YouTube acknowledge that it is the reported video for stolen content, the Creator can decide:

Either he turns advertising and earns the video with
Or the Creator lets it completely lock it.

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Have you ever become victims of copyright injury, be it on YouTube or elsewhere? Which experience did you do with the responsible support and could help you report the copied content? Shares this with us in the comments.