Good News is a 1947 Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer music film based on the 1927 phase production of the very same name. It starred June Allyson, Peter Lawford, Mel Tormé, and also Joan McCracken. The screenplay by Betty Comden and Adolph Green was directed by Charles Walters in Technicolor.
3 extra tracks were created for the movie: The French Lesson , Pass That Peace Pipe , as well as An Easier Method , the last of which was cut from the launched film.Good News was the second adjustment of the stage musical, after the 1930 film Excellent Information. The 1947 movie was a much more sterilized version of the musical; the 1930 variation consisted of Pre-Code content, such as sexual reference and lewd symptomatic humor.

Good evening, my bleak friends, and welcome to Boris Johnson s new Great Britain. The election result was published only yesterday morning, but there are pretty bad news for the Labor Party, good news for Johnson and bad news for the vast majority of us.

The conservative party has provided a masterful campaign that exists only from exit and misinformation, and it was an overwhelming success, which represents a terrible perspective for the future of British politics and elections.

So, of course, I decided to link all the tangential with mobile games. Why not? Come to the point and list the games similar to the United Kingdom they know after five years Tory rule.

Hospital Tycoon

Okay, Hospital Tycoon is not available for mobile phones, but there are many similar titles. Dream Hospital, Doctor Dash, Operate Now there are definitely similar options that limit themselves to a similar concept: Optimize your hospital so people do not die and earn a lot of money.

Worst MMO Ever? - Aura Kingdom

See? Do not let people die, is never enough. You also have to make money from the situation. Annoying patients with severe illness and without health insurance? Start, scum! They are too risky, our low mortality rate could break through and we have no idea if we can go to the end of the bank.

Imagine, they would be epileptic, would have a seizure and would wake up with a high bill because someone was worried and an ambulance called. A very real situation in countries with private health care, before which we all should be careful. Also Zoo Tycoon is much better.

Plague Inc.

In a way, the United Kingdom could be better protected in a game of Plague Inc.. The fact is that the SNP result in Scotland seems clearly pointing out that Scotland wants independence. Additional controls on the border can keep diseases away. The same applies to Northern Ireland and Ireland as a whole – if all leaves from the Union, we can feel much safer.

Of course, unless the disease starts here. This island quickly becomes a quarantine disease zone, at which only a few foreign allies live to protect us from modern black plague.

Not to mention that the NHS will be poorly prepared to help us, and all drugs sent from the United States will only be sent to incredibly excessive prices. I can barely wait for it.

Papers, please

But there will be new employment opportunities. If you live near the border with Scotland or Northern Ireland, you can edit the border. They check papers and ID cards as well as justifications and meet their own decisions about who passes their border.

Sure, terrorists can make bombs explode, and they can damage anyone they dismiss to death, but that s none of your business. You have a family to protect. You have chosen Tory. It s about you, not around you.

Papers, please is the dystopic vision of the future, which we kept strictly historical. But at least we have all practiced to process people like assets instead of people.

Lies tell

Can you recognize when someone lies? If there is a deep secret, someone tries to stay away from you? Well, most British voters can not do that. That s exactly why we should have played all Telling Read, Sam Barlows FMV detective game.

You need to move like a creepy NSA employee through a variety of intimate webcam recordings, and you can track the conversation of each page, but only from one side to another. Only half the truth to tell, makes it difficult, and when combined these conversations, the truth is brought to light.

A bit of how you can reveal the truth about the conservatives and the Brexit party, which combine to destabilize the laboratory coordination of the working class if you see interviews of Nigel Farage on the BBC shortly after the exit survey has been announced .

Catastrophe: Day of the crisis

Okay, this game is not really a cell phone game, but the name felt suitably, so it s still here.

Disaster: Day of Crisis, title crisis is actually a bit more than political collapse, but it feels definitely like the end of the world if you are in the UK on the left side of politics.

In the game, they are fighting for the survival of catastrophic natural disasters and simultaneously defend apocalyptic terrorists who pull through the streets. Sounds familiar?

As I said, this is not a mobile game, but given the refusal of Boris Johnson to participate in the climate debate, and the fact that a terrorist incident has already occurred as a prime minister in his so far short term as Prime Minister, although the conservatives are already in power Nine years … Well, the parallels are pretty strong, I just say. And to make it short: I feel much better if I have all that out of my system.