Resurrected user @darthmonday has contacted us and wished a new survey to learn from all Diablo 2: Resurrected players in the community with which class you started the game – and delivers the question with:

The gates of hell are reopened since 23.09.2021. If you do not have to scare yourself from the lightweight server-side starting difficulties, you can have entered into a new splendor against Diablo, Baal and Co., collect tons of loose and above all your own heroen levels.

To whose page you have to go to the search for the 20 years ago well-functioning addiction piracy? Give your vote now!

Which class did your Diablo 2: Resurrected started?







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In addition to release-typical stumbling stones, the Matchmaking seems to find the matchmaking for searching for fellow players outside of their own friends list as well as wanted – find a (suitable) party has about such a good chance as the search for a unique object at Gheeeds gambling.

Maybe there is an Resurrected group here? Likewise, the Resurrected Club offers LIVE LIVE in order to announce for common laps. Log in to the comments when you still need players.