The Ministry of Justice (Finnish: oikeusministeriö, Swedish: justitieministeriet) is one of the 12 ministries which comprise the Finnish Federal government. Headed by the Preacher of Justice, it is liable for maintaining the lawful safeguards essential for the effective procedure of democracy as well as basic legal rights of the occupants of Finland.The ministry s budget plan for 2018 is EUR940,743,000. It has 261 straight employees.The preparing of one of the most central laws, the functioning of the judicial system, and also the enforcement of sentences belong to the territory of the Ministry of Justice. Sentences are enforced by the Offender Sanctions Company (Finnish: Rikosseuraamuslaitos, Swedish: Brottspåföljdsmyndigheten), which carries out the country s jail time and recovery system. The Ministry of Justice of Finland may manage the administration of justice in the Åland Islands.

Yesterday was celebrated by The Last of US day, in honor of Naughty Dog s senior Finnish Communications Director Rochelle Snyder wrote a blog from a greeting studio.

Snyder confirmed the The LAST OF US MONITOR below work and stated that it will be announced as soon as it is complete enough.

We will see the community s comments when many of you require multiplayer games and want the situation. We say so far that we love the team developed by the team and we want to give them a time to build an ambitious project. We will reveal more when it is ready , Snyder is content to reveal.

Snyder also tells that team education has been in progress since the publication of the The LAST OF US PART II, ​​and the studio is in full swing in relation to multiplayer issues. In addition, he tinks jobs to be open and notes:

If you or someone familiarized is a qualified one of what you see on our workplace page, Search.

Earlier today, the first image of HBO s The Last of US series was seen. The picture revealed the gambler s instructor Neil Druckmann .