The following is an incomplete checklist of monetary regulatory authorities by nation.

FSC Financial Analysis Intelligence (FIU) has announced the 27th yireundago a market share of 99.9% of the level of traders 29 companies received the report as a virtual asset providers.

All 29 companies acquired in the last 24 days the virtual exchange assets reported results reported at least one end of the acceptance requirements of information security management system (ISMS) certification was the report received.

Dual 25 companies have received the report it failed to acquire a confirmed account blindness coin market (transactions between coin-only mode) exchanges. These companies have all quit the currency market (how to deal with the coin currency) sales.

According to the FIU market share of 29 virtual assets traders received your report is estimated to be of 21 days 99.9% level. While domestic yirwoji in the virtual asset trading market, most companies report, it became my institutional management possible.

For other companies, including virtual assets wallets, warehousing management (custody), a total of 13 companies had received a complaint.

FIU‧ FSS is expected to decide whether to repair review report within three months for these operators.

For the 37 companies failed to obtain the ISMS certified US sales were 36 companies shut down all operations, except for one newcomer companies.

Currency deposit balance of ISMS certification acquired US companies is estimated to 4.18 billion won level. 2 is a greatly reduced compared to April, which exceeded the 160 billion won. Financial authorities have already recommended to the operator to leave the bar over a period of at least 30 days to return the deposit to the customer.

Goseungbeom finance chairman last 26 days were instructed to open a financial crisis FSS joint virtual assets into Business Report Inspection Conference, to conduct the inspection in Japan in order to minimize the damage caused by the user, such as closure of undeclared operators.

FIU and the Financial Supervisory Service (FSS) is immediately notified to the investigating authorities are checking whether the implementation of the last 25 days from the closing up of operators and, and the illegal acts of illegal operations, misappropriation of undeclared operators, planning and coordination to respond bankruptcy discovered the plan.

Also check based on the Sales end response plan by Jingu targeted at operators existing for closing a business customer the currency deposit and virtual assets, whether continuously that is returned without a hitch and the necessary oversight action or investigation agency notified implementation will be.