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Why are real weapons still using movies films

Last week the tragedy came over the rust filming, the Western starring and produced by Alec Bardwin.

The actor opened a weapon, which should have been loaded with ammunition of Fogueus, when he fired in the direction of the photo director, Halyna Hutchins and the director Joel Souza.

The shot killed Hutchins and wounded Souza, causing a tremendous consternation all over the world and throwing the air a question that has been hanging around the film industry: Are real weapons needed in the filming sets?

During the weekend, a request arrived at a request for the industry to establish the prohibition of real arms in the shooting, request that at the time of writing these lines has more than 61,000 signatories.

The debate has also been initiated so that the different states establish strong legislation against the use of weapons in the Sets, starting with California.

But we can not forget that, unfortunately, it is not the first similar accident that happens on a set of filming, and there are few who remember the similar case that suffered Brandom Lee on the shoot of El Cuervo.

In the filming of the film of the 90, Lee, son of the legendary Bruce Lee, received a bullet impact from a Weather Weapon who should also have been loaded with ammunition of Fogueus, but containing lethal ammunition.

Perhaps now, because of the impact of social networks, this new tragedy has made criticism and petitions light the debate.

We at Hobby Consoles Let s Analyze the two points of view, both those who defend the use of real arms in the shooting, and those who claim their prohibition.

the unnecessary that are real weapons in the CGI era

A question that many have thrown at the moment when the tragedy of the shooting of Rust was known was What a real weapon was doing in a shoot, and in the hands of an actor.

Most highlights the fact that in an era where computer generated images are capable of giving life to dragons, as in game of thrones or shang-chi and the legend of the ten rings, making the effects of shots should Be of the simplest.

That same appreciation is sharing filmmakers and filmmakers by the network. Erik Kripke, the creator of The Boys, was committed to never use real or fogue ammunition on the filming set.

Someone Hurt or Killed on MY Set is my Worst Nightmare. Sending Love to Halyna Hutchins Family, @Jensenackles, Cast & Crew of Rust. I m so sorry. In Her Memory, to Simple, Easy Pledge: No More Guns With Blanks on Any of My Sets Ever. We ll use VFX Muzzle flashes. Who s with me?

  • Eric Kripke (@therealkripke) October 22, 2021

KRIPKE The tragedy touches close, since one of the protagonists of Rust, Jensen Ackles, is part of the cast of the third season of The Boys.

Another filmmaker that points out the unnecessary weapons in the shooting is Craig Zobel, Mare of Easttown Showrunner, the thriller of HBO starring Kate Winslet.

Zobel points out that all the shots that are seen in Mare of Easttown are completely digital, emphasizing the unnecessary risk that involves having real weapons in a filming set.

There s No Reason to Have Guns Loaded with Blanks or Anything on Set Anymore. Should Just Be Fully Outlawed. There s computers now. The Gunshots on Mare of Easttown Are All Digital. You can probably tell, but who cares? It s an unnecessary risk.

  • Craig Zobel (@craigzobel) October 22, 2021

Although it is true that most cases have no fatal consequences, as it has been the Rust tragedy and the death of hayna Hutchins, arms-related accidents are unfortunately common.

There are not strange weapon cases fired by error, material breaks or mild wounds after a weapon was accidentally fired.

On the other hand, it is important to emphasize that a filming, with rushes, nerves and stress that is accumulated, is not the most advisable place to have weapons with real ammunition.

Tradition, economy and realism in front of the digital

We go on the other side of the table to study the opposite point of view on the use of real arms in film and television shooting.

First of all, and because we have previously forgotten to quote it, we have to point out that whenever there are real weapons in a set of filming there is an armor specialist in production.

This person is responsible for guarding and carrying the weapons, and on the person of it falls on the greatest responsibility for the improper or accidental use of arms.

Through NBC News we know the statements of Anna Halberg, producer of science fiction projects and some large-scale films.

Halberg defends the use of real weapons in the filming sets arguing, mainly, the budgetary savings and time involving against the CGI.

The production company explains that not all productions have Marvel s mass budgets to allocate the CGI, and that many films and series go to counterreloj, especially those destined to television.

Alec Baldwin movie set shooting: Authorities confirm actor's gun fired live lead bullet | FULL
The publication also recalls the words of Dave Brown, filmmaker and arms instructor, which in 2019 said that

Brown s words refer, among other things, to the actors reaction to tightening the trigger and feeling the shot, from the recoil to the detonation itself.

Preferences for verisimilitude in a film production or television is something very important for the filmmakers, and it is a factor that usually defend at all costs.

In most countries, this debate would have lasted one day, giving up with the ban on arms at legislative level, but most you know that One of the most controversial issues in the North American country is precisely the control of weapons.

It is very likely that the industry sees substantial changes in the medium term on this topic, especially for the impact that this type of situations has in the insurers, but also because the value of a human life should always prevail on how well it Be a shot on the screen.

Bethesda prepares a 2022 full of great games Starfield Redfall Ghostwire Tokyo

Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S (collectively, Xbox series X | S), is a line of desktop video consoles developed by Microsoft and the fourth generation of the Xbox console family. The console family, collectively known as Project Scarlett [1] and developed for the first time at E3 2019, includes the Xbox Series X of High-end, revealed in The Game Awards 2019 and whose name in code is Project Anaconda , and the Xbox Series S of lower cost, announced in September 2020 and whose code name is Project Lockhart . Both consoles were launched on November 10, 2020. [2]
Both consoles occur to the current Xbox One line, replacing the Badge Xbox One X and Xbox One S Badge models, respectively. Microsoft is prioritizing the performance of the hardware, including compatibility with higher screen resolutions (resolution up to 8k) and frame speeds, real-time ray trace and use of high-speed solid state units to reduce loading times In the Xbox series X. Xbox Series S uses the same CPU, but has a reduced internal GPU, memory and storage, also lacks optical drive.
Microsoft is promoting a player-centered approach for his new hardware, which includes free updates of improved versions of Xbox One games through his Smart Delivery initiative, optimized games for the X series hardware and version compatibility Previous games, drivers and accessories from Xbox. The console takes advantage of your Xbox Game Pass Game Subscription Service, as well as remote games in the cloud on mobile devices through your Xcloud Cloud Game Platform. Likewise, Microsoft recently registered a new variant of the console, called XS , which is about to be defined by some details of it. [3] [4]

Xbox is Not Done Buying Other Gaming Companies
Bethesda is one of the large companies in the videogame industry . Now it belongs to Microsoft, although some of its next titles will also arrive at PlayStation consoles.

A great year 2022 is expected, and Bethesda (with its studies) will be one of the main protagonists in terms of launches . And eye, also with expansions and additional content.

The first game to arrive will be Ghostwire: Tokyo, the new paranormal adventure of Tango Gameworks (Studio of Shinji Mikami) that will be released at PlayStation 5 and PC at the beginning of the year 2022.

The city of Tokyo is being attacked by strange spectral entities, and our mission will be to find ourselves with a powerful magic force to uncover the mystery of this game of action and terror.

Inevitably, Starfield is intended to become one of the large RPG video games of recent times. The responsible team of Fallout 4 or Skyrim will offer us this epic spatial adventure at xbox series X | S and PC .

Available launch in Game Pass and dated for November 11, 2022 , Starfield promises to be a space epopey with a multitude of characters, plots, planets, factions and more.

Nor do we forget Redfall, the new IP of Arkane (Dishonored, Deathloop), which will arrive at the end of 2022 A Xbox Series X | S and PC … Also available output at Xbox Game Pass .

Redfall is a cooperative shooter set in an open world , with vampires and other horror creatures. It promises to be a perfect title to play alone or with friends, with different charismatic characters, classes, weapons and gadgets.

We also hope to know more about the development of The Elder Scrolls VI , which will arrive in the coming years to Xbox Series X | S and PC. Maybe we know more when it is launch Skyrim Anniversary Edition, next November 11 .

Bethesda will also launch new content for your MMORPG, FALLOUT 76 and The Elder Scrolls Online. Playstation, Xbox and PC players will enjoy great role-wide adventures in 2022.

Fallout 76 will receive its expansion Expeditions: The pit , in honor of the DLC The Pitt of Fallout 3, while Teso will premiere a new adventure … and for the first time available in Spanish!

What next bethesda game calls you more attention? Would you like to see some surprise? Without a doubt, all of them are great titles, and we can enjoy them in the promising year 2022.

Source: Bethesda.

FC Bayern Munich Thomas M ller pushes after win against Union Cup

Thomas Müller has responded after the 5-2 away win of FC Bayern against Union Berlin on the media echo as a result of the recent trophy leaving in Mönchengladbach.

If the FC Bayern fails out of the cup with 0: 5, it is clear that one or the other saying comes slightly under the belt, Müller said at SKY.

Lewandowski-Müller Show: Superstars combine for 3 Goals & 3 Assist in 2-5 Victory over Union Berlin
For him the criticism but Okay, we are not out of sugar, the 32-year-old realized. You have to plug in that too. The win in Berlin described Müller as a good reaction.

Positive was our approach today. Everyone expected this, but then the pressure is enormous. We wanted to show a footballery, above all, the result of such a welded team was not too prophesy. We had to take responsibility and develop this joy of playing, We did that.

Bavaria notes: offensive stars turn up – a defensive player birdwild

Müller over Cup: have lost a competition

The annoying over the burst triple dream was still to be noted to the World Champion of 2014: Now we are so relaxed here, we are still out of the trophy. We have not only lost a game, but a competition that us a lot means in the season. Accordingly, we have to deal with it.

On Tuesday it goes for Müller and Co. with the Champions League home game against Benfica Lisbon.

Articles and videos about the topic
Because of Hernandez injury: Salihamidzic reacts Erbost
Gate Spectacle and BL-record: Bavaria beats back to Cup debacle
The Bundesliga Fridays and Sundays exclusively live on Dazn – Register now!

RIDERS REPUBLIC First Imprint Down Come all

On Thursday, the starting signal for Riders Republic (from 59.99 € at pre-order) of Ubisoft on Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, PlayStation 4, Playstation 5, Stadia, Amazon Luna (if available) and PC in the Ubisoft Store and the Epic Games Store. For a detailed test (me) is no longer the time and therefore follows a first impression (after about six hours) of the outdoor extreme sports game, which can certainly be considered as a successor of Steep.

As an extreme sportsman you can fall down in Riders Republic with the bike (downhill or road), with snowboards or with skis the mountain. There are also wingsuit flights through rings / checkpoints, alternatively rocket powered to get more pace. In numerous events, you can prove your own skills, whether racing, stunt challenges or trick competitions – where I had the most fun with the races and the stunt events are surprisingly tricky. There are also PVP competitions or team-based cramps (arena with colors). The whole sports events are presented on a world map and like Forza Horizon you can go there (after the speed break) and participate in the events. You have the choice if you want to compete in solo mode (several levels of difficulty, help and bonuses) or against other players (PVP).

Depending on the sport you get experience points and stars, whereby new events are unlocked, including large sponsor events or boss events. A great fun or a large chaos are the mass start races that take place regularly (every 30 minutes). In these races, one must prove his skills in several sports in a row and assert themselves against numerous other players. The start is an incredible degregation with overview problems and the places placed areas placed even case-guys flair. In the first few days, however, there were problems with server accessibility and some teammates juvened or warded quite nice about the screen – watched on PC and Xbox Series X (with 64 players).

By climbing in the career level, in sponsorship contracts or shackdaddy challenges you get equipment as a reward. Each piece of equipment has unique values ​​and ratings that improve the performance options in the sport and thereby also have an influence on the style of play. Also, the presentation of equipment, evaluation and Co. are reminiscent of Forza Horizon (the return match function in the race also). In addition, the visual player adjustments, such as. New shoes, clothing and outfits, completely without perks or improvements of performance in the sports – and partly the outfits are pretty over-the-top.

Speaking of over-the-top. Through the first hour with the overlong tutorial one must already break out and at best insensitive to story dialogues to foreign dashes – suitable for the youth word of the year Cringe. As soon as the game world opens and it is released into the welded best-of the US regions, it goes upwards. In addition, the game aids and the possibilities for adjusting the control – e.g. automatic support in the landing at tricks. In general, the control feels pretty arcade-ligament. If you like it a bit more complex, you can deactivate multiple options and, if necessary, shrug by the area without GRIND help or with manual landing. If you want to have a better speed feel, you can switch to the ego perspective at any time, which is quite intense just downhill.

Riders Republic lives from his online community, because both on the map, in the central meeting place and in the game itself you will always meet other players – or their ghosts, which also likes to collide with the environment. Those who prefer to explore the game world on their own without other people, without social functions and without events, can let off steam in Zen mode and move them out there – also with bike, snowmobil, paraglider etc.

\ + Rasant departure races (bike, ski / snowboard, Rocket Suit)
\ + Mass start race with absurd many participants on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X
\ + Motivating progress, divided by sport
\ + very big world that is revived by the online presence of other players
\ + Many activities and events in the world
\ + Exploration is promoted, hidden secrets
\ + Training, stunts, tricks etc.
\ + funny to stupid elements
\ + multiple control options (car, manual, steep)
\ + places very nice scene
\ + many customization options

\ – Story, dialogues and outfits partly to foreign dashes
\ – Not all falls are comprehensible
\ – Unreliable reset again on the route function
\ – Tutorial is too long and overloaded
\ – Pretty rudimentary character creation at the beginning
\ – Graphic weaknesses in detail
\ – Quality-of-life restrictions

First inspection: good

Riders Republic - Part 1 - The Beginning

Last current video: Launch Trailer The finish line

Valve adds support for games making use of CEG DRM via Steam Play Proton

If you have the newest version of Proton Experimental, Valve just recently set up a brand-new Steam Client Beta (October 28) as well which enables playing Windows games on Linux that make usage of their older CEG DRM. This is quite a big one actually, as it was a complete showstopper for numerous video games. Valve developer Pierre-Loup Griffais stated on Twitter it s just initial assistance as well as to publish any kind of you examine on the official GitHub bug report for it.

Several of the titles that may currently work include:

Aliens vs. Predator (2010 )
Bioshock Infinite
Call of Duty: Black Ops

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
Hit man: Absolution
Just Create 2

How Steam Play/Proton makes Gaming on Linux awesome.
Lara Croft & the Guardian of Light
Mafia II
Saints Row: The Third
Sid Meier s People V.
Sniper Elite V2.
The Inputting of The Dead: Excessive.

Lots extra have CEG DRM, so it will certainly require time for every one of them to be tested and also reported on. Some titles probably still won t work with other issues present but it s obtaining one more action more detailed. At the very least those that really fill up in some method now can see additional testing and deal with Proton.

A brand-new black Vapor client service home window will turn up when Vapor goes to arrange the CEG, eventually that ought to be hidden from customers – so for currently it s typical.

Giving a couple of titles a run myself today I was able to examine that Saints Row: The Third, Call of Duty: Black Ops as well as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 appear to work well currently.

Article drawn from Steam Client.

The Witcher series premieres an epic trailer of his second season Destiny is a bad beast

Good news for the fans of The Witcher, especially for those who have enjoyed their real version in the Netflix series. Because, after harvesting a great success Among the public, the films and series platform premieres a new official trailer of its second season, where we return to see Geralt of Rivia, Ciri and Yennefer facing what that could be the end of the world.

The second season of The Witcher will premiered on December 17 As you can see in the video, this new season will bring us new challenges for the sorcerer, as well as unpublished characters, spells never seen in the Series and, obviously, dangers that threaten the planet. All this fantasy cocktail may be enjoyed from December 17 through Netflix, so we can already get preparing for a winter start full of magic.

The Witcher: Season 2 Teaser Trailer | Netflix
In addition, this trailer is added to all the information that we had already seen about the second season, with some teaser in which new monsters and unknown faces are shown for the public. With a protagonist played by Henry Cavill, who has earned the Internet public with strategies of the most curious, it is clear that we will see Geralt of Rivia in action both in body-to-body combat and with magical spells.

So, with the premiere dated in just over a month, prepare to see new adventures inspired by the universe of The Witcher. And, although it is possible that we do not listen to launches coins, we have no doubt that it will be a collection of chapters of the most epic.

Games With Gold Free November 2021 Games are fixed

Xbox - November 2021 Games with Gold

Microsoft has officially revealed the free Games with Gold Games for November 2021 today. As always, the Xbox 360 or the Xbox original games are compatible with the Xbox One and later also with the Xbox Series X / S. Look forward to games for free: Games With Gold November 2021 – Xbox One Moving out – 01 to 30 November 2021 Kingdom Two Crowns – November 16 to 15 December 2021 Hover – October 16 to 15 November 2021 Games with gold November 2021 – Xbox 360 Rocket Knight – 01. to November 15 2021 Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes – 16th to 30th November 2021 Here is the trailer to the games: And as usual a survey: Which Games With Gold Game in November 2021 is your favorite? Moving out Kingdom Two Crowns Rocket Knight LEGO BATMAN 2: DC Super Heroes 46 Votes VOTE

Apex Legends players want Ash s house rat Pikachu to name

LDLC OL (formerly Team and Team LDLC) is a French electronic sports club created on August 16, 2010 held by the LDLC Group and Olympique Lyonnais.

Apex Legends Season 11: Escape is now only a few days away. The new season of the competitive FPS game will introduce a new card, Storm Point, a new weapon in the Car SMG and of course a brand new legend in the form of ASH. But before Escape can be announced, ponder the players about a very real puzzle: What s the name of Ash s house rat?

I PLAYED Ash EARLY in Apex Season 11 (wraith vs ash)
During the Gameplay Trailer of Apex Legends: Escape we have received a small insight into Ash s skills. But holding lines and portal jumping are not the only surprises you have in stock, because at 1:39 clock in the video – which you can see below – we can see a twisting vermin on your blade scurry. As it looks, the murderous simulacrum has a small furry friend. Touching.

The previously popular proposal was of course, Pikachu for reasons that are obvious to those who are familiar with the Pokémon Anime. For those who may not be so enthusiastic about the franchise, there are some pretty inspired options. Take, dust, for example. Ash s story from the shard welcome means Ashes to Ash, ie to take dust dust from the rest of the original proverb word, it is a pretty poetic choice.

Then there are, Ronin – an allusion to the Titans of the Ronin Class, which was piloted in titanium case 2. There are also some nice alliterations to, Ronin Council. Of course, there must be a left field option, which was delivered in the form of, horse, next to the unconcilated proposal, ratbastard.

But why is the rat ever nameless? After all, Respawn calls pretty much everything it can, from Ramparts Sheila-MiniGun to Horizons Newt Drone. Well, according to the senior Animator Moy Parra, the animation studio has decided against the naming of the rat. The character of Ash. Remain faithful that anyone would show much affection or worry about calling their rat by name.

Parra continues that the studio has decided to leave Ash a rat. A bit of humanity to show the character without compromising the character itself. Ironically, it s the rat showing the warm / human side – the site that Ash himself will never show.

With so many solid options to choose from, it is no wonder that Reddits Kleighest Heads have a hard time to decide for a name. However, it looks like Pikachu could be the chosen.

New construct of Proton Experimental helps Task CARS 3 Control as well as extra on Linux

We proceed seeing great deals of quick repairs entering Proton Experimental, the special testing version of the Steam Play Proton compatibility layer with one more release up now. This is the software application that allows you to run Windows games and also applications on Linux with Heavy steam. If you wish to recognize even more concerning Steam Play as well as Proton do examine outour committed section..

Since the October 27 release of Proton Experimental, right here s all the new modifications:.

Fix Project CARS 3 ignoring inputs after Alt+ Tab.
Fix stuck Alt trick after Alt+ Tabbing out and also back for Warhammer: Chaosbane.
Repair Age of Empires II HD Version and also possibly various other games stopping working to make anything after showing a video clip.
Boost Control windowing.
Update vkd3d-proton to consist of the current development job.

The Proton changelog can befound here..

Required to understand exactly how to really utilize Proton Experimental? Right here s an easy HOWTO (as it s not made complex!). Make certain it s installed by looking for it in your Steam Collection, then choose it from the Compatibility menu in the Characteristics area of a game. See our quick video listed below:.

For an explainer in message type:.

Running your Windows games on Linux - Setting up SteamPlay and Proton
1. Look For Proton Experimental as well as set up if not already.
2. Right click any kind of video game on Heavy steam and most likely to Qualities.
3. Select the Compatibility food selection on the appropriate side.
4. Make certain the Force making use of a details Steam Play compatibility tool is ticked.
5. From the dropdown box that appears choose Proton Experimental.

Short article extracted from Experimental.

Fortnite rumors arise in a limited way where you can not build

Epic Games, formerly Epic Megagames (also known as EPIC), is an American development studio and a cary-based video game distributor in North Carolina. The studio is 40% owned by the Chinese Internet Giant Tencent but the founder of the studio, Tim Sweeney, retains full control of the studio with 51% of the actions.

The particularity of fortnite is that, in a curious mix with construction games, add the same mechanics to the core of Battle Royale. This means, even if we are the best with the aim, we should still learn to build at the speed of light to gain high ground. While it is refreshing for the formula, it is a barrier that some prefer not to cross to enter Fortnite fully. For them, there are possible good news.

According to the Data Miner GMatrixgames (via LuKeyguy in Reddit), Epic Games has a limited game mode that does not involve building. Even on occasions where Thanos appeared in Fortnite or Halloween arrived with shadows, the construction was valid. It would be an occasion without many precedents who, at least on paper, would bring back several people who are not very satisfied with assembling rivals flanking buildings.

Specifically, GMATRIXGAMES talked about a list where it is not required to build. The image speaks of No constructions in duos, but it is unknown if it will really be limited to the couple format. In the best of cases, it is one of the three modalities that will be available. Fortnite has squads of four people, as well as a solo way for those who face another 99 players.

At the time of publication of the note, Epic Games has not referred to a mode of this caliber. We must remember the keyword: Test, which can be translated into something interesting that might not reach the game. Taking into consideration the answers to publications, perhaps have such a way, even if it is for a few days, it would be honey on flakes for veterans. Some even mentioned how nice it would be to have such a way to return or introduce their friends.

Fortnite continues with his current season that, apparently, will receive Naruto and more characters from the franchise. Also will celebrate Halloween with your classic special mode.

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