Anyone who has mastered the highest levels of difficulty in Diablo 2 can fall into the true endgame of the action role game: the Uber bosses of Tristram. Who creates over Mephisto, to summon and defeat about Diablo and Uber Baal, has the chance on very powerful items. Most are about the special item Hellfeuerfackel \ – a strong big spell.

The effort will be rewarded because Hellfeuerfackel is the best spell in the game. Another guaranteed drop of the over bosses are the standard of the heroes . In contrast to the torch, however, this item has no benefit. It s just an object that occupies a place in the inventory. Basically, it is something like proof that you have switched off the above-threats – like the ear of a player in the PVP …

Since there is this item, the myths protrude to standard the heroes. Earlier, one turned, one would no longer lose XP in death when wearing this item. Maybe it was also part of a recipe for super strong armor enchants? Others suspected an Easter Egg like the cowlevel, which only nobody has encountered.

Standard of the heroes, however, was not a well-kept Easter Egg, but really useless and quasi a trophy for the victory against the over bosses. Until now. Because 20 years after the release of Diablo, the hero still gets a benefit. Console player switch over the standard a trophy . PlayStation station players grab the trophy either via the elaborate pandemonium event or can also get the standard on trade from another player.


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