ATTENTION, SPOILER WARNING: For several days Alan Wake Remastered is commercially available and thus PlayStation players can also play the title from Remedy on their console for the first time. Although the game tells a closed story, it is part of a larger whole and even hangs together with the years later Control action game. How exactly, we reveal you here.

Thus, Alan Wake and Control are connected to each other

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Before we respond to the adventures of the writer suffering from Amnesia, we first turn to the recent work of Remedy. In it we slip into the skin of Jesse Thread , which works for the FBC (Federal Bureau of Control) . With her we explore the oldest house. Off the main path, we can discover different secrets that play on other strange events.

As we find out, the FBC also had an eye on what Alan has occurred during his time in Bright Fall. Shortly after his arrival there he sees himself repeatedly strange events and attacks shadowed creatures exposed, which can only be spotted with light. Later he finds out that a dark power, is the dark , is responsible for these events. It ensures that people s thoughts become reality. Documents that you can find in the oldest house play on Alian s adventure.

It is a revelation that should be pretty surprisingly surprising for many players, after all, she confirms that neither Alan Wake nor Control is entirely standing for himself. Instead, both stories actually occur in the same universe , with our writer only involved in one of many supernatural events that the FBC monitors. In a DLC for the second-mentioned game, both tracks overlap even.

Remedy published a digital additional content with the simple name AWE for Control . In this Jesse meets Alan Wake and both have to come together to stop a tremendous threat that is about to destroy the whole world. Whether we both will see again together is still unknown.

It is a very exciting experiment that Remedy dares with this approach, because in contrast to the film (MCU) or series world (arrowverse) connected universes in the video game landscape are rarely . By the way, according to its own statements, the developer studio seems to be willing to expand its games universe in the future . Alan Wake and Control could soon get company.

What do you think that Alan Wake and Control share a universe?

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