The Auroxium alloy is a resource in warframe that is used to make weapons, cosmetics, kitguns, ZAWS and melee weapons. To manufacture Auroxium, you will need to buy the model with Old Man Suumbaat in Cetus, Earth. It will cost 15,000 Ostron Standing. When you have the plan, you can manufacture the Auroxium alloy in your foundry using the following resources:

1000 credits
20 Auron
600 oxium
5 morphic

Auron can be obtained by growing veins of red minerals in the plains of Eidolon. When you leave Cetus doors after loading in the plains, turn left towards TWIN HORNS Lake and enter the nearby cave system. This area contains a high density of mineral veins and there will be a lot of red veins to grow for Auron. It can be grown using the mining laser of your gear wheel. The amount of Auron collected will be affected by the resource boosters and the charm capacity of a Smeeta Kavat.

OXIUM can be found by destroying Oxium Ospreys, destroying the storage containers and rewarding premiums on Cetus. Any corpus mission based on waves is a good place to grow Oxium. Like all other lost resources in the game, you can use resource boosters, charm of a Smeeta Kavat, deacalize Nekros, Pilfering Swarm d Hyroid and Khora Strangledome Pilfering to increase the amount you collect.

Morphic can be grown in mercury, Mars, Pluto and Europa missions. Wahiba, a mission of survival of the dark sector on Mars, is one of the best nodes to grow morphics. Once again, you can use resource boosters, charm of a Kavat Smeeta, deacalize NEKROS, Khora s Pilfering Swarm and Pilfering Strangledome to increase the amount you collect.

The alloy of Auroxium will take a minute to build in your foundry and is built in batteries of 20.