Minnesota Timberwolves vs Brooklyn Nets Full Game Highlights | October 14 | 2022 NBA Preseason
The topic of Kyrie Irving continues to employ Brooklyn Nets. After the Point Guard was suspended by the team for the time being due to his vaccination refusal, Star colleague Kevin Durant said about the situation.

The 33-year-old is neither angry with Irving nor on the Nets, he said on the edge of the final preseason game of the Nets against the Minnesota Timberwolves. However, he hopes that a solution to the situation can be found sooner or later.

I definitely want to have Kyrie, Durant said. I wish nothing of all that would happen, but in this situation we are ourselves. Kyrie has made his decision and the team has made his decision. I can only focus on myself. But I m still sure that both Parties will find the best solution.

Irving does not want to vaccinate as the only player of the Nets, consequently he is not allowed to participate in home games and training after the orders of the city of New York. The Nets have decided that they do not want to have the 29-year-old as part-time force, accordingly, he is now missing until further notice.

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That s not the ideal situation at the beginning of the season, Durant said. But it s not in my control. What brings to get up? We will not change his mind, do you understand? We let him find him and the team what to do. I can not be too angry on the decision that Someone meets for themselves.

Even without Irving, the Nets in the coming season as one of the pot favorites apply to the title. Irving had explained his position in a instagram Live on Wednesday and stresses again as he stands to the arrangement in New York. It does not look like that he will soon be vaccinated.

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