The 3D game team recently interviewed Sangyoung Kim , the Pearl Abyss Studio Animation Director. We talked with him about Dokev, the next MMO of this company, and he shared the vision of him regarding the balance of Gameplay and Graphics that presents this project.

We Played Squid Game

We can make games that look great and a fantastic gameplay. Sangyoung Kim They are not mutually exclusive, said Sangyoung when questioning about the graphics and gameplay of the game. We can make games that look great and a fantastic gameplay.

Sangyoung added, that the Pearl Abyss Founder and Dokev Executive Producer, Daeil Kim , has a particularly high level of demand in regard to the details and the quality of the game, always looking for a way to include the More recent technologies.

In the first phases of development, we try to opt for an animation-type design, Sangyoung continued. But it seemed to us that he did not contribute that kind of novelty, and with a game environment Realistic , we can find a finer quality quality .

The study used the real world as a reference. Continuing with the theme of graphics, Sangyoung mentioned, that without a realistic aspect, the idea of ​​ detail could become abstract . The study used the real world as a reference to build what we see in Dokev, so as not to lose the realistic detail on its colorful scenarios.

We think that players could experience a greater variety of movements by seeing their characters jumping into a realistic game environment, Sangyoung said. So we tried to add facial expressions, clothing, etc. with a background / environment Photorealistic .

The study expects, that these efforts produce even better graphics, without neglecting the gameplay that the title will offer. We saw the result of this work for the last time in the Gamescom 2021 trailer, where the arrival of the title A Consoles was also confirmed, in addition to the already announced PC version.