The route: It starts with the uphill straight for the first, a sharp left-hand curve. 20 curves are overall, hazards is counterclockwise. Not a few passages are known. This has a reason: the course opened in 2012 is a bit of a mixture of various classic passages of other racetracks. What came out is a 5.513 kilometer long course with spectacular sectors. Example: The average speed of curve two to curve seven: more than 250 kilometers kilometers. The best view of the route: from just 77 meters high Observation Tower.

The location: Texas is a state with a lot of free area. There was room enough as the course was built and opened in October 2012. 1500 hectares, slightly hilly. From Austin, this open and above all for your music scene known city, the route is almost 30 kilometers away. Who wants to go to the Gulf of Mexico, must drive around 300 kilometers.

The statistics: It was mainly characterized by one: Lewis Hamilton. Of eight previous races on the course he won five (2012, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017). Twice he made the title win early in Austin (2015, 2019 was a second place). There was a red-bull victory first: 2013 through Sebastian Vettel.

The unforgotten race: 2015 it was. Due to strong rain, the qualification had to be postponed to the racing sunday. Nico Rosberg brought himself to the poles in front of Lewis Hamilton. The stable duel between the British and his then German teammate had long been poisoned. In Austin, Rosberg had to endure the renewed defeat in the World Cup fight. The lead was already going on after the first curve again. Hamilton attacked inside, Rosberg bred: He exaggerated it. When Hamilton in the lounge Rosberg brought the cap for the award ceremony, Rosberg flung you visibly sour and eaten back.

That s how it ran in the previous year: 2020 the race had to be because of the Corona pandemic.