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Action RPG Pokemon Legends Alceus for the launch of January 28, 2022. The Mystery video was restored the other day, and the new Pokemon Zoroa (Just) and Zoroaak (Jisyi s Start) became the first public. .

It seems that he was inhabiting the Jiski region (current Shin-U region) , which is the stage of this work, and the hair code changes to white and red. Type is really rare Normal ghost . From before restoration, there were also voices for predicting that Sawora and Zoroao, , but it became a six, but it became a semantic.

The image was a directing that a photographer was attacked, but in fact, it is not a horrible Pokemon, but a zoroak who was worried about dangerous eyes of Zoroa is the moment you try to protect. Dr. Orchido is also excited that I have a wonderful discovery!

About 2 animals found this time, it is possible to publish information soon. Let s pay attention to the follow-up. The restoration video can be viewed on the Pokemon Legends Alceus Official site.