It is a revolution that should shake the world of football and video games. The end of the FIFA license seems inescapable. Indeed, according to, EA would have already filed the name Ea Sports FC , enough to say goodbye to the famous name that has rocked the childhood of thousands of players. And on Monday, it is a new information that supports the disappearance of the name FIFA at Electronic Arts. As a reminder, the first title of this license came out in … 1993.

After the conclusion of a broad strategic assessment of the electronic entertainment sector, FIFA plans to optimize its long-term future in the video game and Esport market, she says. For football stakeholders, video games and Esport should not depend on a single party controlling and operating all rights. (…) »

300 million euros claimed?

If nothing is formalized for the moment, everything is about believing that the famous international federation will enter the game and force EA Sports to change name for its game.

Evolution of FIFA Games 1994-2021 #gamehistory#evolutiongame #fifa
Technology and mobile companies today engage in fierce competition to associate with FIFA, its platforms and global tournaments, adds the instance. As a result, FIFA has made contact with various market players, including developers, investors and analysts to develop a long-term vision of the video games, Esport and Interactive Entertainment sector.

In addition, FIFA believes that overlapping between its virtual and real competitions should be further exploited. In this respect, FIFA is pleased to be able to use the FIFA World Cup (…) and the Women s World Cup (…) as launch and integration platforms for new exciting games and Unpublished Esport offers.

In addition, still according to the specialized, the FIFA would have requested nearly 300 million euros a year to EA for the name, logo, and World Cup rights remain in the steep. editor. Suffice to say that the end of a generation will really take place.