It s a never ending story: 2077 cyberpunk and its bugs. Only recently there was a new patch. Now, male and female players complain about a new problem: They are blinded by bright light at night, which seems not only strange, but in some cases, ensures that they can not see anything. The phenomenon reminds one fan on Reddit to a nuclear explosion. Here you learn more about it.

Flash light annoying Gambling

Go therefore it: On Reddit shows Cyberpunk 2077 fan Neo did it first a strange video. It shows a motorcycle ride at night. At first, everything looks normal, but after looking at the map, the scenery is dipped suddenly in brilliant white light. First, almost nothing is there any more, then everything is brightened weird and seems almost sepia. Neo did it first writes:

I have just seen a nuclear explosion, at 2am.

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New Bug: rages now really a nuclear war in Cyberpunk 2077? In the video, it actually looks like that. But there is a new bug, know the other fans in the comments seen is. Wang entity describes his own experience:

This is one of the bugs that annoy me currently. Fortunately, he is not game-breaking, but super annoying when you re playing late at night.

NeverLookBothWays is something else to consider:

Which is especially annoying for me it is: This is a really good nuclear explosion effect, they have inadvertently created … And he will not be used for nuclear explosions.

In the comments, the game ends also discuss the situations in which they encountered the bug is. The card is repeatedly cited, but other triggers. It is also of nuclear explosions on the day of the speech.

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Not the first bug

That it by no means is the first known bug from Cyberpunk 2077, those should also have noticed of you who have not gambled the game itself. In recent months, numerous Bugs and glitches compilations have conquered the Internet. In this video from July 2021 you can give you a picture of what has happened in terms of performance:

What was previously seen? Common phenomena that have been liked to show, for example, were missing animations, where it looks as if people sliding through the ground, too late or not at all loaded textures, to NPCs that no face, have fun AI dropouts or crazy playing physics that persons or objects catapulted through the air.

Is with you also surfaced ever, the new bug and what do you think? Missed opportunity for cool effect or just annoying