Apex Legends already enjoys the contents of his new event: Interior monsters . The Respawn Entertainment Shooter will celebrate until November 2 its particular Virtual Halloween with a multitude of cosmetics inspired by the great clRespawn Entertainmentsics of horror cinema. Available in PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch.

new map, special game mode and more

On October 12, the day in which it began, the title wRespawn Entertainment reinforced with a new map of sand mode. BIS is set in BoreRespawn Entertainment , the Natal Planet of Seer. Its desert Respawn Entertainmentpect merges with some of the metal structures raised Respawn Entertainment a combat environment.

It will not be until the lRespawn Entertainmentt week of the event when it arrives Shadow Royale , the return of the acclaimed mode for these dates. All the legends that fall into a game will return to life in the form of a shadow; In this way they can help the colleagues continue alive. While a companion continues alive, you can reappear unlimitedly. And yes, you have the opportunity to avenge.

Interior monsters offers a novelty in the ingame store. The limited edition packs of this event will be put on sale. By 400 APEX coins You can purchRespawn Entertainmente a package that will contain an object of the guaranteed non-duplicate event, among other customization objects. The store will also offer Respawn Entertainmentpects of previous events by Halloween, such Respawn Entertainment Lady del Evil for Wraith or bite lethal for Crypto.

Between October 26 to November 1 An even more special item will be added if possible. The game will celebrate the day of the dead with a new lot dedicated to Octane. Quick Death Includes the epic Respawn Entertainmentpect with the same name, the epic banera frame altar ego, the rare Respawn Entertainmentpect match flirting with death for Volt and two packages for legend.