Epic Games, formerly Epic Megagames (also known as EPIC), is an American development studio and a cary-based video game distributor in North Carolina. The studio is 40% owned by the Chinese Internet Giant Tencent but the founder of the studio, Tim Sweeney, retains full control of the studio with 51% of the actions.

The particularity of fortnite is that, in a curious mix with construction games, add the same mechanics to the core of Battle Royale. This means, even if we are the best with the aim, we should still learn to build at the speed of light to gain high ground. While it is refreshing for the formula, it is a barrier that some prefer not to cross to enter Fortnite fully. For them, there are possible good news.

According to the Data Miner GMatrixgames (via LuKeyguy in Reddit), Epic Games has a limited game mode that does not involve building. Even on occasions where Thanos appeared in Fortnite or Halloween arrived with shadows, the construction was valid. It would be an occasion without many precedents who, at least on paper, would bring back several people who are not very satisfied with assembling rivals flanking buildings.

Specifically, GMATRIXGAMES talked about a list where it is not required to build. The image speaks of No constructions in duos, but it is unknown if it will really be limited to the couple format. In the best of cases, it is one of the three modalities that will be available. Fortnite has squads of four people, as well as a solo way for those who face another 99 players.

At the time of publication of the note, Epic Games has not referred to a mode of this caliber. We must remember the keyword: Test, which can be translated into something interesting that might not reach the game. Taking into consideration the answers to publications, perhaps have such a way, even if it is for a few days, it would be honey on flakes for veterans. Some even mentioned how nice it would be to have such a way to return or introduce their friends.

Fortnite continues with his current season that, apparently, will receive Naruto and more characters from the franchise. Also will celebrate Halloween with your classic special mode.