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Apex Legends Season 11: Escape is now only a few days away. The new season of the competitive FPS game will introduce a new card, Storm Point, a new weapon in the Car SMG and of course a brand new legend in the form of ASH. But before Escape can be announced, ponder the players about a very real puzzle: What s the name of Ash s house rat?

I PLAYED Ash EARLY in Apex Season 11 (wraith vs ash)
During the Gameplay Trailer of Apex Legends: Escape we have received a small insight into Ash s skills. But holding lines and portal jumping are not the only surprises you have in stock, because at 1:39 clock in the video – which you can see below – we can see a twisting vermin on your blade scurry. As it looks, the murderous simulacrum has a small furry friend. Touching.

The previously popular proposal was of course, Pikachu for reasons that are obvious to those who are familiar with the Pokémon Anime. For those who may not be so enthusiastic about the franchise, there are some pretty inspired options. Take, dust, for example. Ash s story from the shard welcome means Ashes to Ash, ie to take dust dust from the rest of the original proverb word, it is a pretty poetic choice.

Then there are, Ronin – an allusion to the Titans of the Ronin Class, which was piloted in titanium case 2. There are also some nice alliterations to, Ronin Council. Of course, there must be a left field option, which was delivered in the form of, horse, next to the unconcilated proposal, ratbastard.

But why is the rat ever nameless? After all, Respawn calls pretty much everything it can, from Ramparts Sheila-MiniGun to Horizons Newt Drone. Well, according to the senior Animator Moy Parra, the animation studio has decided against the naming of the rat. The character of Ash. Remain faithful that anyone would show much affection or worry about calling their rat by name.

Parra continues that the studio has decided to leave Ash a rat. A bit of humanity to show the character without compromising the character itself. Ironically, it s the rat showing the warm / human side – the site that Ash himself will never show.

With so many solid options to choose from, it is no wonder that Reddits Kleighest Heads have a hard time to decide for a name. However, it looks like Pikachu could be the chosen.