On Thursday, the starting signal for Riders Republic (from 59.99 € at pre-order) of Ubisoft on Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, PlayStation 4, Playstation 5, Stadia, Amazon Luna (if available) and PC in the Ubisoft Store and the Epic Games Store. For a detailed test (me) is no longer the time and therefore follows a first impression (after about six hours) of the outdoor extreme sports game, which can certainly be considered as a successor of Steep.

As an extreme sportsman you can fall down in Riders Republic with the bike (downhill or road), with snowboards or with skis the mountain. There are also wingsuit flights through rings / checkpoints, alternatively rocket powered to get more pace. In numerous events, you can prove your own skills, whether racing, stunt challenges or trick competitions – where I had the most fun with the races and the stunt events are surprisingly tricky. There are also PVP competitions or team-based cramps (arena with colors). The whole sports events are presented on a world map and like Forza Horizon you can go there (after the speed break) and participate in the events. You have the choice if you want to compete in solo mode (several levels of difficulty, help and bonuses) or against other players (PVP).

Depending on the sport you get experience points and stars, whereby new events are unlocked, including large sponsor events or boss events. A great fun or a large chaos are the mass start races that take place regularly (every 30 minutes). In these races, one must prove his skills in several sports in a row and assert themselves against numerous other players. The start is an incredible degregation with overview problems and the places placed areas placed even case-guys flair. In the first few days, however, there were problems with server accessibility and some teammates juvened or warded quite nice about the screen – watched on PC and Xbox Series X (with 64 players).

By climbing in the career level, in sponsorship contracts or shackdaddy challenges you get equipment as a reward. Each piece of equipment has unique values ​​and ratings that improve the performance options in the sport and thereby also have an influence on the style of play. Also, the presentation of equipment, evaluation and Co. are reminiscent of Forza Horizon (the return match function in the race also). In addition, the visual player adjustments, such as. New shoes, clothing and outfits, completely without perks or improvements of performance in the sports – and partly the outfits are pretty over-the-top.

Speaking of over-the-top. Through the first hour with the overlong tutorial one must already break out and at best insensitive to story dialogues to foreign dashes – suitable for the youth word of the year Cringe. As soon as the game world opens and it is released into the welded best-of the US regions, it goes upwards. In addition, the game aids and the possibilities for adjusting the control – e.g. automatic support in the landing at tricks. In general, the control feels pretty arcade-ligament. If you like it a bit more complex, you can deactivate multiple options and, if necessary, shrug by the area without GRIND help or with manual landing. If you want to have a better speed feel, you can switch to the ego perspective at any time, which is quite intense just downhill.

Riders Republic lives from his online community, because both on the map, in the central meeting place and in the game itself you will always meet other players – or their ghosts, which also likes to collide with the environment. Those who prefer to explore the game world on their own without other people, without social functions and without events, can let off steam in Zen mode and move them out there – also with bike, snowmobil, paraglider etc.

\ + Rasant departure races (bike, ski / snowboard, Rocket Suit)
\ + Mass start race with absurd many participants on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X
\ + Motivating progress, divided by sport
\ + very big world that is revived by the online presence of other players
\ + Many activities and events in the world
\ + Exploration is promoted, hidden secrets
\ + Training, stunts, tricks etc.
\ + funny to stupid elements
\ + multiple control options (car, manual, steep)
\ + places very nice scene
\ + many customization options

\ – Story, dialogues and outfits partly to foreign dashes
\ – Not all falls are comprehensible
\ – Unreliable reset again on the route function
\ – Tutorial is too long and overloaded
\ – Pretty rudimentary character creation at the beginning
\ – Graphic weaknesses in detail
\ – Quality-of-life restrictions

First inspection: good

Riders Republic - Part 1 - The Beginning

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