Thomas Müller has responded after the 5-2 away win of FC Bayern against Union Berlin on the media echo as a result of the recent trophy leaving in Mönchengladbach.

If the FC Bayern fails out of the cup with 0: 5, it is clear that one or the other saying comes slightly under the belt, Müller said at SKY.

Lewandowski-Müller Show: Superstars combine for 3 Goals & 3 Assist in 2-5 Victory over Union Berlin
For him the criticism but Okay, we are not out of sugar, the 32-year-old realized. You have to plug in that too. The win in Berlin described Müller as a good reaction.

Positive was our approach today. Everyone expected this, but then the pressure is enormous. We wanted to show a footballery, above all, the result of such a welded team was not too prophesy. We had to take responsibility and develop this joy of playing, We did that.

Bavaria notes: offensive stars turn up – a defensive player birdwild

Müller over Cup: have lost a competition

The annoying over the burst triple dream was still to be noted to the World Champion of 2014: Now we are so relaxed here, we are still out of the trophy. We have not only lost a game, but a competition that us a lot means in the season. Accordingly, we have to deal with it.

On Tuesday it goes for Müller and Co. with the Champions League home game against Benfica Lisbon.

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