Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment released the patch note of the season 11 Escape scheduled to be opened at Batroa FPS Apex Legends (Apex Legends).

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In the Escape that is the new season, new content such as legends and maps, etc., etc. are implemented. GAME SPARK has posted a preceding experience repo. In this article, we will easily make new elements to be added in this update.

What's Coming in Apex Season 11 - ALL CHANGES | Apex Legends Patch Notes
New Legend Ash

A new legend Ash is a character that appeared in the FPS Titan Fall 2 sharing the view of the world. He has an ability with portal and restraint effectiveness.

Passive: Skint
Ash Map shows the location of the desk box that has been discovered. Using the special display that appears in the desbo box, you can mark the surviving attacker (one per box).

Tactical Avicity: Arksnea
If you throw a rotating snare, damage to the first approaching enemy and constrained.

Open one-way portal at a target location. Portal is open for a short time, and anyone can use it.

New Map Storm Point

The new map Storm Point, which has been added since Olympus, is about 15% larger than World s Edge. This map with a resort area can enjoy new elements such as a gravity canon that will be replaced by balloons and a battle with creatures.

New weapon C.A. R. SMG

The sub-machine gun C.A.R. SMG that could be used in Titan Fall 2 is appeared. Special as a battle royal game, can be used two types of ammunition of light magazine and heavy magazine, it has become a powerful weapon easy to handle.

In addition to the change of ranked matches and arena mode it is also included a number of Legend our correction. Visit the official site for more information.

Season 11 escape is the opening scheduled Japan time on November 3. The for PlayStation has started pre-download, it seems to be a file size from 40GB as 50GB.