WOW.. Modern Warfare 2 is Looking Good ???? ( Accidentally Leaked ) - Call of Duty PS5 & Xbox
This week comes out Call of Duty: Vanguard, but there is one who does not know about living the present and they are already thinking about the delivery of 2022 of one of the Sagas of Action in First Person par excellence. In fact, those who would be the first details of Call of Duty 2022 have been filtered.

This close COD would be very different from the previous ones, and is being developed as a sequel to Modern Warfare, with inspiration in films as Sicario, Traffic and No Country for Old Men (not a country for old).

They indicate that, in your campaign, this assumption Modern Warfare 2 would have a morality system, typical of the RPG, with which the development can change according to the decisions that the player takes, having a great impact on history principal.

They also promise that they will have more realistic blood and that we will see the enemies making turns to stop hemorrhage. It is also spoken that there will be a system of dismemberment in which players can lose extremities during the refriends.

According to VGC, the game will also have a high emotional component. They describe it like this: During the moments of high intensity, your character will react accordingly. Throughout a sequence of ambush in which your patrol vehicle is attacked by hostile fire, the character with which you are interpreting is visibly shocked: struggling to insert the charger, with trembling hands.

The game code of the game would be Project Cortez, and there are still a few months to know if this information is true. At the moment, as we say with each filtration, take it with caution.