Elden Ring is a future action role-playing game created by FromSoftware and also released by Bandai Namco Home Entertainment. The game is a collective effort in between game director Hidetaka Miyazaki and fantasy writer George R. R. Martin, and is scheduled to be released for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, as well as Xbox Series X/S on February 25, 2022.

For a long time waiting fans aufElden ring and were now a decent insight into the gameplay granted the upcoming game. Judging by the initial reactions it seems to be exactly what many have hoped.

This is in the video: A total almost 19 minutes of gameplay from Elden ring were shown. A voice commented doing what we get there meant to be seen. And that s a lot. Among other things:

An insight into the areas of the open world of Elden ring. We see forests, ruins, castles and all kinds of inhabitants of these places. We also see how the weather affects the area and eindeckt instance with lightning.

The card of the game is presented.
We see the pot-shapes that can talk to our game character.
It can be seen how the horse feature works and is catapulted how using Spirit Springs up in the air.
The crafting system is shown.
Numerous fights are presented – both against infantry simple and impressive bosses. Among other things, a dragon hunts down to seek conflict – and reminiscent of good old Skyrim times.
Who does not want to fight, can sneak by the enemy lines.
A first glimpse at the multiplayer part of the open world are shown.

But best you see yourself in order to get an impression:

community responded enthusiastically to the Elden Ring insight

As good as the Elden Ring Video counts: The gameplay was presented in a form of a live premiere on November 04 at 15:00 on YouTube and now, 3 hours after release, remarkably positive reactions. The video is currently at 112,819 Likes, with only 1,112 thumbs down (as of 18:12).

A similarly positive relationship offers after the premiere again uploaded, separate gameplay video with currently 9,982 Likes to 127 dislikes (as of 18:12).

And in comments both videos cash primarily tense and vorfreudige votes on the new Elden Ring:

Incredible. Magic, the red flashes, new weapons skills and move sets will definitely spice up the gameplay. But my inner explorers crying before despair (but also with joy) on the size and complexity of the map, says Mikołaj User Błaszczyszyn (via YouTube).

19 Minutes of Elden Ring Gameplay Preview
It is the open world is causing many of tension. So draw some comparisons to last Zelda game that also impressed with its great open world: Breath of the Soul. I m hyped and I really hope the unmistakable signature level design. I imagine it in an open world quite difficult, says Max Power User (via YouTube).
It looks absolutely fantastic. I love how the landscapes as a cover of an old fantasy novel look. This is simply first-class material, Miyazaki has done it again, says one user (via YouTube).
Wow, weapons skills and spells look so incredibly from satisfactory. I know that it is only a fraction, so I m very excited, solely because of this aspect, says users Psyler (via YouTube).
Absolutely amazing. Elden ring seems to combine the best of each game. It looks as if it will be a serious GOTY contender and could be the best game developed the From Soft (via YouTube).

Criticism, there are meanwhile by some in terms of graphics. Here, some players seem to have wanted more upbeat.

Mostly the fans in the gameplay video seem to find most of what they have expected from the game. Again and again commented Elden ring apparently combine the best of Dark Souls, Blood Borne, Sekiro and an open world.

Whether this hype then so finds remains in play, of course, first to be seen. A few months are still pending: Elden ring appears in February 2022nd