Regardless of where to streamline, fans have the opportunity to support the streamer through channel subscriptions. If viewers subscribe to, you get about half of what the subscriber has paid. In return, viewers receive advertising-free content and personal emotes. Since Twitch offers its streamers 50% of the costs for subscribers, Facebook Gaming has visually taken the platform with a crazy special offer.

FB offers streamers a 100 percent sales sharing when subscriptions are purchased with Facebook Pay, and until the end of 2021 up to 20 dollars extra with a maximum payment of $ 10,000.

Facebook takes twitch s visor

In a blog post published on 3 November, the Tech Gigant shared his new idea that streamers should help to expand their subscription business. Facebook Gaming now offers an exclusive program that users granted a bonus to your subscription revenue.

Facebook will pay a bonus of 5 to 20 dollars for each new subscriber you receive from now to the end of 2021.
Facebook Gaming lures streamer with a lot of money on his platform (1) Source: Facebook
This new bonus program is part of the company s commitment to invest more than $ 1 billion in Content Creator by 2022, explained the company. Creator can earn a bonus of up to $ 10,000 in the course of the program. It is possible in all 27 markets in which the subscription feature is available for Creators, only on invitation.

Furthermore, despite the running system that gives the streamers a full proportion of revenue from the subscriptions, those who are purchased over a mobile device automatically lose 15-30% of their revenue because the mobile platform receives a share.

Streaming on Facebook Gaming vs Twitch

To combat this problem, a special portal has been set up, via the mobile user can pay directly for the subscriptions of their favorite creators. This means that Streamer is now receiving the full proportion of the revenue from the subscriptions completed by mobile users by simply sharing a advertising link in their chat.

Although Facebook Gaming is still far away to be the place deer among the live streaming platforms, but this will help to strengthen the company s profile in this area.

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