The From Software is scheduled to be released on PS5 / PS4 / Xbox Series X | S / Xbox One / PC (STeam) on February 25, 2022, Single Online Multiplayer Action RPG Elden Ring A game play video spanning about 15 minutes of has been released.

Beautiful views, checkpoint blessings, maps updated in fragments, item crafts, and other types of spiritual body NPCs that are considered to exist, matching and cooperation with familiar players, Various combat behavior, etc., including the existing dungeon and treasure search elements, including bosses, diverse combat behavior were shown. This time, the basic part will be introduced, and further details are announced in another way.

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Network testing is planned to verify the game balance of the game server, and the game balance verification between November 12th and 4th of this month. The winning announcement of the participants who have already been closed have already been scheduled for November 8th.