That was little to nothing from BVB: The big game of the eleventh match day in the Bundesliga goes crashing lost at RB Leipzig. So furious play the hosts in phases so desolate occurs Borussia Dortmund. BVB captain Marco Reus burst after the game the collar.

As a show legend Thomas Gottschalk in Nuremberg s Exhibition Hall in front of his Wetter, days…? — written occurs audience and sunning after a decade in the applause of the 2,500 spectators, is bursting Zeus in Leipzig s Zentralstadion the bad mood in the face. For Borussia Dortmund had suffered this Saturday evening. And the powerful.

Although the BVB captain had scored a goal for RB Leipzig. It was the intermediate 1: 1. And the score after 52 minutes had been played out wonderfully. Rights defenders Thomas Meunière had put his teammates in great scene and had completed sovereign. If you will, that the best action of the Dortmund was in this top match of the Bundesliga. And actually the only strong.

That is bitter. For Russia. For on this eleventh match day Schwarzgelben connection to the FC Bayern have lost temporarily. That is just the difference between these two great rivals. While the Munich even have at home to really strong SC Freiburg effort, but did not lose the game up. Unlike Dortmund, who had been hergespielt Leipzig phased impressive. So that the battered counted RB coach Jesse March put the strongest possible stand against the criticism of his work.

Criticism was that evening in Leipzig but the big issue. However, when opponents. There took Zeus to the 1: 2 defeat to a remarkable sweeping blow out. And is likely to reverberate in the upcoming international break until well. We have not managed to be at eye level. Was in the aggressiveness in the opening game. In total the too little, he railed at Sky. He was not disillusioned, assured the applied offensive player, no: His statements were the truth We did not deserve.

RB Leipzig wonders very

Especially the first 45 minutes brought the captain to despair. He did, however, not only to a lack of intensity in the game tight, but also at the tactical orientation, had chosen the coach Marco Rose for his team. We have changed in the second half to four. This is clear to us better because we are much more active than in the five chain. We also have in the five chain a man less in the center, which can squeeze us. This brings us even not clear that you have to make it very clear.

An impressive evidence supplied the first-half of the Saxon capital. Chance of BVB. And that completely. That the Leipzig after a goal of outstanding Christopher Skunk with only 1 went into the cabin 0, it was the best news for the desolate Dortmund who managed to escape at any time from the tight grip of the immensely powerful lawn shooting. Several times were goalkeeper Gregory Nobel, the man who prevented more trouble. I ve never seen Dortmund who have made so many mistakes in the build-up play, marveled Leipzig striker Yusuf Paulsen. They have some simply played balls out of play.

Zeus pushes System debate on BVB

Not quite so one-sided it was after the break. Also, because the system has been adjusted. The weak Marin Panoramic, who had taken care of during the week with a surprisingly open and accusatory interview for plenty of excitement, remained outside. Ansgar Enough came a very young winger. Th organ hazard, actually an Offensive all rounder, gave the left-back. And he made the good. The whole construct was stable, BVB but only a little better.

BVB fans after Marco Reus Hattrick

A system debate that Zeus had initiated with his suit, the coach but did not want to lead, There are always different reasons, after which prepares We have set up after today as we bring our boys best in their positions.

The basic order is always the one that motion in the fundamental order the other. We have not implemented well in the first half. It is not a question of the system. The discussion is unnecessary. Especially since the BVB have retracted with three / five chains already good results, such as rose yet added.

BVB title so far-fetched as Wetter, days…? — Future

Now it needs, however, even a draw consistent around the black and yellow image other truth. The club goes into this week staff at the floor. With Erlang Haaland life insurance simply missing. And if indeed true what Panoramic had divulged during the week, then it will take a while until the Norwegians returns.

With Mo Aloud, Eyre Can, Raphael Guerrero and Giovanni Reyna, further service providers are currently not operational. And the most recently dimensional Marius Wolf could not participate in Leipzig. That s a bitter list.

It honors the BVB and his coach that he did not want to take these problems to explain the bankruptcy. We do not want to look for excuses in any form, we want to approach the resistors. We have to take the resistors. There are resistances, but resistors are there that they are bridged. To which is now probably a system debate.

In Nuremberg, Gottschalk covers how it is betting that…? Always tradition was. He covers mighty. His comeback was sometimes entertaining, sometimes fallen from the time and not in a long time. Just like Dortmund s masterpiece in almost every season.

Because one thing is clear regardless of any system debating: Anyone who counts Borussia Dortmund in the current constitution and with the current staff to the title citizens, who looks in betting that…? Also, the future of German TV entertainment.

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