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\ — Today (8 days) College Skin Disclosure

\ — New fun with adidas originals

The Craft Tone shows Adidas Originals and College of Calligraphy.

First, the College (8th) and Adidas Friday Friday Friday Friday Friday, the College of College on the official SNS channel, such as YouTube, was released.

In the corresponding image, which contains a message called Play Your Style, All Together (Play Your Style, All Together (Playing, All Together), the main characters wearing collaboration costumes, shoes and bags can be seen to enjoy Battle Royal in various places and circumstances.

In the second half of the image, the game character wearing the same item as the hero is the battlefield, and the battlefield was quilted. The items in the video can be accessed from the Battle Ground Mobile> to the skins from today (8 days).

There are also a variety of events. , or achieve a squad, achieving a scheduled time to achieve a sake of survival, you can acquire a game skin that is a college,

The official community proceeds with the authentication shot event and the image expectant palace event, and provides a variety of products such as game skins through lottery.

In addition, you can see the display of the Adidas Honda Brand Center, Originals Garage Road, Originals Common Ground Store, and the display of the Adidas Honda Brand Center, the Originals Garage Road, and the Originals Common Ground Store. In addition, customers who purchase promotional products from the Adidas Store or Adidas Official Online Store also paid game skin coupon, .

Meanwhile, this college is interested in the teaser after disclosure of the teaser, which is a divergent encounter of Adidas Originals, which pursues the and the newness, which has been Battle Ground Mobile>, which has been in a variety of field brands and collaboration. And curiosity. will continue to offer different fun and charms as the leader of Battle Royal through this collaboration.

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More information on the Battleground Mobile> and Adidas Originals College of Edges is available on the Official Community.