The valve said it will hold Steam Next Fest (Steam Next Fest) from February 21 (local time) next year.

Steam Next FET is an event that gamers show the demo of the game developers to release the decision, and gamers can experience the demonstration of the exhibited game. In addition, streaming and conversation also support communication between developers and gamers. Next FET is periodically opened since December 2019, and in the last October, the Next FET, which was held in October, has excavated a new game such as Inscription and has gained a great response.

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STEAM NEXT FEST - Many Demos!! ⫽ BarryIsStreaming

The valve revealed the qualification and reception homepage of the game that can participate with the held schedule. In order to accept the game, a public trial version that can be played on the beginning date should be prepared. In addition, the date of the game should be scheduled to be between February 28, 2022, and September 1.

Steam Next FEST participating game reception deadline is from December 7th to 4:59 pm (domestic time) (domestic time), and gamers can register notifications that can receive Next FEST starting on steam homepage.