Unity has purchased Wet Digital, the special effects company of Peter Jackson, for 1,625 million dollars.

The purchase of the New Zealand study, one of the leaders of its sector, seeks to accelerate our mission to give creators of content easy to use and high performance tools with which to give life to their vision, according to the company. There is no lack, of course, the necessary mention of the met averse in the Official Communication of Unity.

«Combining the industry leaders VFX tools and the technical talent of the incredible Wet team with the deep development and knowledge of Unity», it is read on the company s official blog, «We hope to offer tools that unlock the full potential of met averse ».

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Of course, this phrase has neither the slightest sense, a fact that is confirmed a little later in the same statement: Whatever it is or is going to be met averse, we believe that it will be created by content creators like you», it is read on the blog, where more details are given about the tools and technologies that Unity wins with this ambitious acquisition, which seems to respond to the expected increase in the demand for «Rich 3D content, interactive and attractive» that could bring this from met averse As it may, Wet will continue working on special effects for cinema and television, as before.

Unity Acquires Weta Digital - Official VFX Tools Sharing Announcement Trailer

Founded in 1993 by Peter Jackson, Richard Taylor and Jamie Selkirk, Wet is behind the special effects of a good handful of great productions of recent years, starting with Jackson s own films, which founded the company to take care of special effects of Creatures, in fact, although perhaps it is better known his work in The Lord of the Rings.

Last year, an investigation of the New Zealand media 1 News gave voice to dozens of Wet employees, who denounced sexism, homophobia and harassment suffered in the company. An independent investigation carried out by the company resulted in more than a hundred complaints for inappropriate behaviors and sexual harassment among the 1,500 Wet employees, who promised to make changes in its salary structure and its codes of conduct to avoid similar conflicts in the future.