Call of Duty (in Spanish: The Call of Duty ) is a series of video games of first-person capturing, of a military style, initially created by Infinity Ward, Trey arch, Sledgehammer Games as well as in a lower proportion Raven Software application and dispersed by Activision. The franchise started for computer and also ultimately expanding towards video clip gaming consoles of 6th and seventh generation, both from desktop and portable, hence getting to several games derived gradually with the main series. The series initially was embedded in The second world war, relating characters as well as combats that occurred throughout this military conflict. This was transforming to the present, where debates occur in contemporary as well as make believe atmospheres, as you can see in Call of Duty: Black Ops as well as Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, in the Cold War, as seen in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Call of Duty: Modern War 2 as well as Call of Duty: Modern War 3 in the Third World War, and in the technical futures in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, Call of Duty: Infinite War and Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. From Call of Duty 4: Modern War to Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare The LCS of the different distributions were launched with a few months of improvement on systems Xbox 360 as well as Xbox One. From Black Ops 3 up until Black Ops 4 began to release first at PlayStation 4. Ultimately from the 2019 Restart of Modern Warfare, the LCS started to be introduced complimentary at the very same time on all systems with the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 Rec consoles Baking various other unique advantages as settings or experience occasions.
The legend has actually delighted in wonderful commercial as well as critical success, which has actually lasted up until today.

Call of Duty: Vanguard offers a campaign to Scheme F, but still maintains at a good level.

Do you still remember the time when every second ago shooter has been feeling in World War II? When the Nazis were the most popular enemy picture in that genre and not yet terrorists from the Middle East? Well, then you are one thing above all: old. This phase is looser already 15 to 20 years back. In between, the biggest war of humanity in computer games was very rare, sometimes not at all. Meanwhile, games again send us a bit more frequently on battlefields in Normandy, in Russia or in the Pacific. For Call of Duty: WWII of 2017, this is only partially valid, because that focuses fully on the European West Front. Four years later, his developer uses Sledgehammer Games World War II in Call of Duty: Vanguard again, this time covers him in its overall width. And that does the game very good.

For info: We do not want to over flake anything in terms of multiplayer and zombie mode and deal with us even longer before we draw a verdict. That s why this is only about the campaign and a final rating we will save us accordingly.

A colorful pile

The focus of every Call of Duty has been the multiplayer part for years, no question. But unlike competitor Battlefield, the series continues to attach great importance to providing a bombastically staged campaign (Black Ops 4 excluded), which is also required by many fans. There are certainly people who buy COD every year, only for four to five hours of blockbuster action, as Michael Bay could hardly steer to his (long past) weddings better. Whether it is worthwhile to spend 60 or 70 euros only for this short single player pleasure, let it go. Some parts have really had good campaigns, others have convinced less in this aspect. Call of Duty: Vanguard joins somewhere in between.

The story is totally flat again and irrelevant. It s about a special unit of the Allies, which consists of six people of different origins: two British, an Australian, an American, a Russian and a… Yes, no idea which nation Novak she plays in the opening mission belongs. He does not speak a single word and dies at the end of that chapter. Well, a playable character just always has to go to Call of Duty. This time only does not even try to make something emotional from it, which takes you.

The typical bombast without a draft

Generally, Call of Duty: Vanguard s story leaves us cold. Although we learn about what about the background of the figures, all this is not very well written and works. Most of the campaign takes place in flashbacks. The unit becomes captured at the mission to find out everything about a secret operation of the Nazis and to prevent them, captured, and spends most of the time contemporary history in a cell. Sometimes, rogue Jannie judge, embodied by The Lord of the Rings star Dominic Jonathan (who was born in Germany and spent his childhood here), and takes one of the heroes to interrogate. All this plays in send, advanced intermediate sequences.

Most gameplay sections are looks into the past of four of the five living figures. This serves on the one hand that Sledgehammer can send you to many places, on the other hand to characterize the protagonists. For example, you experience the attack of Germans on Stalingrad from the eyes of the Russian Sharpenzützin Molina, where she loses her father. But since you can spend little time with him and thus no deep bond can build on him, the scene in which he is executed together with other inhabitants of the city, at most one of these typical COD shock moments — but that shocks no more has played as a series part. Emotionally, this little story is not and this statement can be transferred to the rest of the campaign for the same reasons.

For this, the events have been in scene again. Some script sequence exaggerates it with the spectacle, so it will involuntarily be funny, for example if you climb as polish on the wall of a collapsing house and slips through its inner and falls, and the whole thing survives without severe injury. But somehow also heard something about Call of Duty, right?

No space for boredom

In the most important discipline, the Vanguard campaign convinces anyway: the gameplay and mission design just great fun. We would go so far to say that this part offers the best gun play of the series so far, exceeding the modern warfare of 2019. Each weapon feels braiding (also thanks to outstanding sounds). Whether you are now plowed with a machine gun opponent in droves or carried individual enemies into the beyond by shotgun: the baller is always powerful and a vociferous fun. How the Nazis will be thrown back from hits backwards, the blood literally splashes, as well as here and since twist parts do not remain at their intended places, is a primitive but effective type of satisfaction. Honestly, nobody wants to play a Call of Duty, which has the degree of violence from the A-Team.

The levels of Call of Duty s campaign: Vanguard are beautifully varied, not only in terms of what places in the world are struggling. Normandy, Pacific, Front, North Africa — here is really all that is not missing in a second World War shooter. The level design convinces. Again and again there are moments (especially in the Molina chapters), in which you have the free choice, whether you re creeping is going or with a pulled weapon all Nazis Niederbichert. In a chapter with the US aircraft pilot wade, you are alone in the dense, foggy jungle on the road, do not have a firearm at the beginning and therefore have to take care of the Japanese. This is not demanding, but a nice contrast to the loud action scenes.

A flight hour we could have for tacked

START VAN PROJECT PHOENIX! // Call of Duty: Vanguard Campaign #1 (Nederlands)
Speaking of Wade: From its perspective, you also experience the weakest moment of the campaign. As I said, he is a pilot and accordingly there is an airfare. Which sounds cool, unfortunately does not have fun in practice. The control with mouse and keyboard, which is otherwise perfectly and very direct, proves to be a stumbling stone, because you have to travel with the mouse far too long ways so that the nose of your aircraft tends to tip up or down. In addition, you moved more on tracks here when the game wants to thank you. Thus, instead of exciting dogfights, there are more simple simple of Japanese machines as if it were beads. Hey, guys and girls from Sledgehammer: If you build a flight mission, then that makes it really right or let her stand away! The latter would have been rather in this case than the actual result of this idea.

SCHICK, even without ray tracing

Optically, Call of Duty presents itself: Vanguard on the state of Warfare is used to high level without driving trees. As spectacular as the so far shown so far from Battlefield 2042, SLEDHEISTER s latest work, technically, is not considered. You realize him that it should still run well on PS4 and Xbox One. But for a cross-gene title, which was not primarily developed for the most recent hardware generation, Vanguard looks very good with its chic levels lighting, great particle effects and realistic animated characters. The PC version we tested is also very performative and also offers a lot of settings options. Owner of a GeForce RTX graphics card are looking forward to DSS support, but alternatively you can also use AMD s counterpart Fidelity Super Resolution. Ray tracing, however, is in vain in the graphics options. In Modern Warfare and Black Ops — Cold was there is this chic technology, with Vanguard has waived Sled hammer. Thanks to chic screen space reflections and shadow that is not a leg break, but still a step-back step.

Acoustic attracts Call of Duty: Vanguard for all registries. The campaign is underpinned with orchestral music, which does not set new sounds and stops like any soundtrack of a movie or game with world war scenario, but just that s just so good for setting fits. The sound effects are a pleasure through the bank away and unlike still in the beta, while the German setting is actually quite useful. Who (as we) does not think that on the PC the English language version is not installed by the house, does not have to be afraid of having to endure horrible speakers all the time. Certainly the English original is better for the atmosphere, as it does not matter otherwise that the Nazis speak German and the main characters English, but we also had our fun to Call of Duty: Vanguard without this linguistic diversity and with German synchronization.

We still have to point out: Although we have experienced no coarser bugs and performance remained at the highest level, but we crashed the game in one of the last campaign missions when loading a game — and every time we complete the chapter started from the front. So what is extremely frustrating and is to be cleaned immediately with a patch.

Conclusion to the campaign

Black Ops — Cold was very praised for his campaign because they introduced game elements that did not exist in the row. Call of Duty: Vanguard does nothing like that, but is extremely classic. But that should not be called that his campaign does not offer enough variety. There are only the larger highlights that the predecessor can score points — and unfortunately there is a right low point with the aircraft level. On Black Ops — Cold, Vanguard was not approaching in terms of single player, especially since the story is again very flat and let us emotionally cold. Would we recommend someone to buy the game only? No, for that, 60 euros would be simply too much for the PC and 65 to 70 euros for the console trains. But if you catch Call of Duty: Vanguard anyway because of the Multiplayer, you can also quiet the campaign, because a fun action trip is all right.

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