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Spuckattacke? Hammerstrafe für Fandrich von Erzgebirge Aue | SID
The Federal Court of the German Football Confederation negotiates the appeal of Erzgebirge Ages midfielder Clemens Heinrich on November 18th. The 30-year-old had been sentenced to a barrier of seven months last Thursday because of the allegation of a spit attack against the referee assistant from the DFB German Footballs Court. Heinrich denies the accusation and, with the support of his association, appealed on time. The German Footballs court had no doubt about the presentation of the referee assistant Roman Potemkin. He had said, Heinrich spit him on the right eye during the encounter between AUE and FC Ingolstadt on 22 October. The motion in said scene also supports the statement of Potemkin s, said the court in the first judgment.