Ubisoft is a French computer game author headquartered in Montreuil, established in March 1986 by the Guillemot siblings. Considering that its establishment, Ubisoft hUbisoft Montreal turned into one of the largest video clip game authors, Ubisoft Montreal well Ubisoft Montreal it hUbisoft Montreal the biggest internal growth team, with even more than 19,000 staff members operating in over 40 studios. While Ubisoft established up lots of internal studios itself, such Ubisoft Montreal Ubisoft Montreal, Ubisoft Toronto, Ubisoft Montpellier and Ubisoft Paris, the company also obtained numerous workshops, such Ubisoft Montreal MUbisoft Montrealsive Entertainment, Red Tornado Entertainment, Reflections Interactive and also FreeStyleGames. Ubisoft s studios often accept each various other in their jobs, sharing different advancement responsibilities. 2014 s Ubisoft MontrealsUbisoft Montrealsin s Creed Unity saw 10 workshops worldwide collaborate.

Dan there, Executive producer of Far Cry at Ubisoft Montreal, hUbisoft Montreal left the company. The French firm hUbisoft Montreal issued a statement to report on the progress of this veteran developer, which after more than ten years providing service to the successful intellectual property leaves the company. They have not transcended the reUbisoft Montrealons for the progress of it. The position of it, yes, will be busy from now on by Sandra Warren, who hUbisoft Montreal been in Ubisoft Montreal for fifteen years.

The protagonist today, Dan there, wUbisoft Montreal the main producer of Far Cry 3, one of the most influential works in the saga; The one that marked the beginning of the fees established in the current formula. He then exercised by executive producer of Far Cry 4, Far Cry 5 and the Spin-offs derived from the latter, Blood Dragon, Primal and New Dawn.

Internal Change Period at Ubisoft

This is not the only recent march in Ubisoft, which hUbisoft Montreal seen how its own employees claimed organizational improvements in the ambitious Ubisoft MontrealsUbisoft Montrealsin s Creed Infinity project. For months (even years), employees of Ubisoft Montreal and Ubisoft Quebec, two major studies of the company in Canada, have denounced internal problems; With accusations of labor abuse and sexual harUbisoft Montrealsment from workers in leading position.

These accusations are not supposed, but it is information. Yves Guillemot, CEO of Ubisoft, publicly appeared on September 11, 2020, through an official video aimed at all victims of harUbisoft Montrealsment; He recognized the lack of diversity and committed to guarantee equality, diversity and security in the company. Without pears or justifications.

Far Cry Executive Producer Dan Hay | BAFTA Games Lecture

I feel truly for all the victims who were injured, he said. We are working on improving our systems and processes. We are also focused on increUbisoft Montrealing diversity and inclusion at all levels in the company. They seek that everyone in Ubisoft can be seen welcome, respected and safe. It should be said that the vUbisoft Montrealt majority of people affected in Ubisoft for these bad praxis are women.

Recently, journalistic sources advanced by Kodak argue that Ubisoft will increUbisoft Montreale the salary of those employees who want to leave Ubisoft.

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