The launch of GTA Trilogy has been a disaster. Inaccessible for more than 24 hours for PC players and with constant criticism of graphic improvements, the community could have found a new problem that Rock star would have overlooked. It would be hot coffee sex files, a mini-game of a sexual nature that was present in the original code of San Andreas and that allowed to maintain control over CJ in the material adventures of it.

A sexual scandal that already affected GTA San Andreas

As it would have happened on this occasion, the mini-game was censored in the original experience so that, a priori, users could not access it. However, Mod developers that dug into the game code found the way to make it work a few years later. A find that it did not take long to become extraordinarily popular and that it cost Rock star about 20 million dollars due to the legal actions undertaken by the company, as well as a media scandal and until the reprimand of the PEG system responsible for Rating by ages.

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Although the Data mining is not easy to corroborate, this last toot in which Rock star ensures that the game is not available Decide to files introduced non-intentionally in this version has been more than enough to give good information. A fact that, yes, could also refer to songs that have lost the license (and that would lead to pretty worrying copyright claims) or development notes also appeared in the archives.

GTA: San Andreas - Hot Coffee Mod [Enabled via CrazyVirus' Trainer]

Attending these precedents, the fact that history could be repeated is one of the few understandable reasons for Rock star to take on the wave of justified criticisms that he is receiving. Having encouraged the error of including this hot coffee sex files would be doubly problematic and sanctions that the game could receive years later much more expensive for the company. Perhaps to the point of making even a disaster of these dimensions could be worth it for them.