If you are still not sure to buy Death Stranding and you want to know how much you will have for your money, then you are in the right place. In this guide, we will tell you how long the game and what you will do all this time while avoiding the revelers.

Death Stranding - Before You Buy

How long does the Death Stranding game last?

Death Stranding should take you between 45 and 50 hours to understand the main story. This time will be extended if you decide that you like to deliver one of the live cargoes scattered in the world of the game.

Most of your time in the game will be dedicated to deliveries, but you can also devote a lot of time to establish your rank and relationships with the many game distribution centers. There are many small tasks to Doing in the game that do not match the main story. You can easily get a dozen overall hours of play if you like what you do, a bit like other open world games.

The story is spread over 14 episodes that you will have to finish completing the story of Sam Porter Bridges and his quest to restore contact with America. For the most part, the game boils down to it. You carry a cargo, you avoid the BTS and you learn the devastating event that took place and which led to the failure of death.

The time you will pass with the game will also depend on your preparation for your travels. If you bring a lot of equipment like scales and ways to build bridges and other objects you will need, you should be able to follow quite brave routes, reducing the time you have. You could also have luck and find paths already drawn by other players.