Lineage 2 M NA & EU Region Coming this Dec 2nd
We did not know each week, now we know. NCS oft confirmed — in the official communication on Facebook — that among countries serving Lineage 2 m during the premiere on December 2 will be Poland. Proof: Unfortunately, there is still some confusion with the game site. This link above (here) redirects us to the Russian-speaking page, in turn the actual page… HTTPS: //… He can still raise a mistake. And this applies not only to Poles, but also Czechs, Bulgarians, Romanians, Austrians, Germans or Italians. And what does NCS oft correspond to? Hi there! I Would Suggest You Contact Support and Submit An Inquiry So Thy Can Determine How to Best Help You. We remind you that according to the promise Lineage 2M will support the Polish language. Only that for the premiere two weeks, and we still did not even get a stupid screenshot with the Polish version.