El Chaplin Colorado is a Mexican TV comedy series that ranged from 1973 to 1979 and also parodied superhero shows. It was developed by Roberto Gómez Blanks (Chespirito), who additionally played the primary personality. It was first broadcast by Televise in 1973 in Mexico, and then was broadcast throughout Latin America and also Spain until 1981, together with El Chao, which shared the very same cast of actors. Both shows have sustained in re-runs and have actually won back several of their popularity in numerous nations such as Colombia or Peru, where it has aired in competitors with The Simpsons (which includes a persisting parody of the character). The name translates essentially in English as The Red Grasshopper or The Cherry Cricket (words Chaplin is of Nahuatl beginning and uses to a Mexican type of grasshopper, while Colorado means red.). The primary character utilizes a noticeable red uniform. It is understood in Brazil as Chaplin, Vermelhinho ( Little Red One ) and also Pole gar Vermilion ( Red Thumb ) in allusion to the well-known fairy story character Tom Thumb.
Although the series has a routine actor (the same actors as El Chao), all actors however Gómez Blanks play different personalities each episode, and it is therefore referred to as an anthology collection.

At the end of last month it was revealed that the Chaplin Colorado would be arriving at Fortnite, and obviously, the news took the world by surprise. This Battle Royale has a lot of crossovers, but I think nobody saw one with the iconic character created by Roberto Gómez Blanks, better known as CHESPIRITO. Well, there were also people who earned him because they have no idea who is this hero with red and yellow dress.

Yes, we know that it is hard to believe, but thus it happened unfortunately with the Chaplin Colorado. Via TikTok, a user shared this video where people are very clustered by the arrival of the hero a Fortnite, where he is also known as the old bug skin.

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@ Roku.mighttreetlly bro ???? Old Man Bug Skin ♬ Original Sound — Opus OBJ

It seems that there are actually more users who do not place Chaplin Colorado than those yes. As I was saying before, Fortnite has always opted to include characters from pop culture with greater recognition worldwide, but on this occasion they opted to add to the character of CHESPIRITO as part of the celebrations for its 51 anniversary.

El Chapulín Colorado Trailer Announcement..! Fortnite Battle Royale

Editor s note: It is not surprising, especially if we consider the diversity that exists with Fortnite users. I am sure that many young players here in Mexico do not know who this iconic character is, so now imagine how it happens with people from other countries.