The main story of Fallen King is filled with great, but challenging quests as Petrified Forest. Suppose you have used our instructions on how to find master Bringing together the band again, the quest and HRI recruit, then you in this quest instructions similar instructions. The Shadow Isles have many windy paths that can lead you astray. Buckle up, this is a long one. To complete the quest Petrified Forest in Ruined King.

Ruined King: A League of Legends story is out there everywhere. Developed by Riot Forge and Airship Syndicate game takes place in Runeterra, but is a standalone experience. As mentioned above, please contact us to see all the instructions for Ruined King to find that will help you in your adventure. You can find tips and tricks for defeating bosses champion strategies and builds and Quest Help.

How to complete the Petrified Forest: Part 1

After you defeated Mackie and HRI added to your group, you have to clean the dark, blocking the Meiosis forces. First go toward the Shadow Vault. You will find a locked door with a pattern next to it and if you take the stairs to the south, you will find a mystery. Watch here the symbol next to the door and the door are unlocked.

Work your way after entering through the Umbra Halls. You should use primarily HRI because their passive Magical Spirit dispels the darkness and provides balls with energy. You must supply both balls that are located north and south of the door with energy. Once this is done, the door is unlocked, and you can proceed.

New World Legendary Material farm

You should be in the final room of the Umbra Halls. Here are the top of the stairs two pots you can get by mixing shards colors. Mix to get blue and green to cyan, and mix red and green, to get yellow. Once this is done, get an additional blue and red, and you can open both chests. Continue towards Covenants Cloister.

There will be a room with another light puzzle. Follow the pattern near the door. Professional tip: Turn the central rod once to the right and then set up the other rods. Thus, the door is open, so you can continue. There will also be another pattern with a puzzle, which allows you to unlock the door that keeps you from a treasure chest.

How to complete the Petrified Forest: Part 2

Go for a cutscene with Gangplank, Thresh and the Ruined King personally down the stairs. Fights and scatter the darkness at both ends of the space to create the bridge. Make sure that you save potions and use while you progress through this area. If you press on, dispel the darkness while you dodge the shadow of goblins that attack.

After walking some magic missile traps and stone guards out of the way, turn south towards Path of Dusk. Use the point of rest, since the next room is, as always, be a boss fight. As you approach the door, opens it HRI.

To defeat the corrupt shadow

When you enter the last room, you see a darkness. To clean it, you have to beat the Corrupted Shadow. Note: It is immune a shadow version of Illinois tentacles second in each round and if he uses rip shadow to stuns and summons Shadow vine, basically his attack. You will want to use Chris healing abilities to get to the health of your tank throughout the fight.

Corrupted Shadow will eventually cloud of Shadow effect, a danger zone, the jumps of strong, balanced and fast lanes. When you end your action there, it causes slight damage (about 150) and evokes a shadow Range. If your tank is made HRI heals, causing damage and a DPS champion has concentrated all its fire on Corrupted Shadow, you will win the battle.

Once the battle is won, you have cleaned the roots of Mackie. Return by using the teleport network to return quickly to The Grove to him. Once you have talked to him, you have completed the quest Petrified Forest and are on their way to the next.

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