Hundreds of thousands of guys and girls have adjusted it to rubber courts, mushy meadows and football cages. One (or one) throws the ball, one (or one) goes up, feels like a superstar, puts on to the spectacular Klaus-Fischer-Fallückrüder — and then usually ends only painfully on the pants.

Klaus Fischer, the Schalke legend, had perfected the acrobatic cabinet punch, first as the improvisation artist. Fall backers are always a bit of far embarrassment, he said once. Nevertheless, From a bad ball, you can not make a fall-backed gate. The flank must be high enough, you have to make the ball perfect, bring him to the gate. And then there is still the goalkeeper who can hold him.

Often he could not. Already not at Klaus Fischer, who recently added to the Hall of Fame of German Football. The Golden Shot in immortality, the gate of the century, the perfect scissor strike was successful on November 16, 1977, in front of the Deichmann-Werbenbande in the Stuttgart Neckarstadion to 4: 1 against Switzerland.

Another fall backdrop was more important, says Klaus Fischer. The against France in the World Cup semi-final 1982. He was no less beautiful.

To have a football act as a trademark, which is a few succeeded. Ronaldo maybe with the over stood, Ronaldinho with the wicker Elastic. Something was not my kind of attack weapon, says Klaus Fischer, the Lower Bayer in the Purport exile. With 268 goals in 535 Bundesliga players, he was more of a full straightener — until today the third best to Herd Müller (365 Goals) and Robert Lewandowski.

Koju naasnud Kruglov seab end treeneritööks valmis: kui vaja, võin poisid ka keset trenni koju saata
In 1971, Fischers followers taught in the Bundesliga candle ( youth sands he called that), yet he was added to the glory hall in the German football museum in Dortmund. Incidentally, his century gate of 1977 can also be followed: quite comfortable and painless, embarked on upholstery. With a permanently installed ball.